From Classic To Modern: 6 Best Short Hairstyles For Men To Get Right Now

Leela Adwani |Jul 31, 2019

Check out our collection of best short hairstyles for men which are bound to make you cooler, if you haven’t updated your hairstyle in 2019.

Short hairstyle is always by far the best go-to haircut style for most guys. There are a plethora of short haircuts including from the buzz up, shape up to side-burn or neck taper. Understandably, you get sick of googling your most appropriate short hairstyles or best short hairstyles for men and coming up with nothing.

If you haven’t updated your hairstyle in 2019, you aren’t too late as there is still time to get a new haircut. Check out our collection, which is bound to make you cooler.

Buzz Haircuts

hair style short hair mens
Source: Instagram/@Barberdenis
short hairstyles for guys
Source: Instagram/@CalNewsome

One of the easiest and most practical ways to maintain short hairstyles for guys is to go for a buzz cut. The most basic one is called “Induction Cut,” which is often known as the military buzz fade/cut or just a ‘zero.”

However, if you want to add a breath of fresh air into your look, consider a crew cut which is a longer take on the buzz haircut.

Crop haircuts

hair style short hair man
Crop haircut. Source: Instagram/@LisakkiNummi
Mohammad Hamze
A highly-recommended hairstyle for every man. Source: Instagram/@MohammadHamze 

The list of short haircut styles for men would not be complete without mentioning this hairdo.

Along with its unbeatable popularity, it looks good on virtually all kinds of face shape. One of the most iconic features of a crop helps define it among others is the fringe. It can be customized depending on our likes so that it can be longer, shorter, or straight across. The angular fringe is the combination between styling and cut.

Textured Haircuts

Chasnyk Bogdan
A great hairstyle to flaunt your natural texture. Source: Instagram/@ChasnykBogdan
hair style short hair mens
Textured Haircut. Source: Instagram/@Ruffians

Whether your natural texture is curly or wavy hair, it’s just about a cut which can show off your natural texture. Textured cuts are also an excellent way to beef up fine hair or remove bulk from your thick hair.

The fact is that other than the volume, this hairstyle is maintainable and makes you fashionable. It is tough to go wrong with this short haircut style for men.

Messy hairstyles

Andrew Does Hair
Thick-hair men should try it at least once. Source: Instagram/@AndrewDoesHair
hairstyle for very short hair mens
Source: Instagram/@LisakkiNummi

A perfect combination of spikes, bedhead, and a quaff, this is an exciting way to have fun with your short haircut. However, bear in mind that it might be one of the best short hairstyles for men who gave thick hair. It can totally be used for those wanting to make their thin or fine hair look thicker.

Line Haircuts

V Neckline Hair Design
A hairstyle is bound to make you stand out in the crowd. Source: Instagram/@Ceejayfadez

At first glance, you might mistake this hairstyle with crop haircut. It can be considered as an upgraded version of the crop. This clean style has gained popularity across the world despite the fact it stems from black men and Afro Americans.

mens hairstyle 2019 short hair
Line cut will make you cooler. Source: Instagram/@Pedrostival

This hairstyle line cut will challenge the skills of the barbers where a straight razor or clippers are used to give you an immensely clean look.

Slicked back undercut

Long Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle
Long Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle. Source: Pinterest

The slicked back undercut is hands down a superb example for the image of a stylish modern man.

Thick Curly hair

Thick Curly Hair
How Cool! Source: Pinterest

This haircut features a clean bald fade on the sides along with thick curly hair on the top. The curly hair fade is currently one of the best short hairstyles for men which are sure to make you more fashionable.

If you are in search of the latest popular men's haircuts, we hope you can choose for yourself an appropriate one from our cool gallery of best short hairstyles for men above. From classic to modern haircuts, these are the coolest styles worth trying right now.

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