Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat For Both Men And Women

Kangana Paakhi |Sep 10, 2019

It’s time you got down to doing exercises to shrink your waist size, but you aren’t sure what routine to follow. Here we are to help you, with 5 best exercises to reduce belly fat for both men and women.

You’ve determined to do something about your chubby tummy, but you’ve also been so confused about how to do it exactly. Now it’s time you got down to doing exercises, but you aren’t sure what routine to follow. Here we are to help you, with the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

The couple get the slim belly by doing exercise

Excess abdominal fat is not only a matter of appearance but also a matter of health. The visceral fat is a type of harmful body fat that wraps around vital organs like stomach, liver or intestines. It linked to several diseases including diabetes, heart diseases or cancers; therefore we should not underestimate belly fat. To reduce belly fat, it’s best to have a balanced diet and keep yourself physically active.  These are 5 exercises to reduce belly fat safely at home.


Doing crunches is a simple exercise to reduce belly fat, and it works wonderfully. Anyone who is looking into exercises to shape and tone your belly might have heard of this.

You can perform this exercise with or without the mat.

How to do

  • Lie down on the mat.
  • Bend your legs with feet flat on the floor. Feet should be hip-width apart.
  • Cross your hands behind your head, with palms facing up. Don’t interlock your fingers. (You can also place your hands crossed over your chest).
  • Take a deep breath. Then slowly lift your upper body from the ground while breathing out. 
  • Go back to the lying position and repeat the pose.


Try to lift your torso to your maximum and put the focus on your belly. Keep a three-inch distance between your chin and your chest to not strain your neck.  There are several variations to the crunch, which are modified to maximize the effects on reducing excess fat including twist crunch, side crunch, reverse crunch and so on.

The bicycle exercise

You don’t need a bicycle for this exercise, we’ll just imitate the motions of cycling. Of course, if you’ve got the time and the equipment, you can go cycling for about 30 minutes every day.

Just imagine like you are riding an invisible bike.

How to do

  • Lie down on your mat. Hands beside the body or behind your head.
  • Lift both legs off the ground with knees bending.
  • Move the legs in a way that resembles cycling. Bring one knee close to your chest, while the other leg out straight. And reverse. 
  • Repeat ten times. 


Lie flat on the floor and don’t lift your head.

The lung Twist

It is a very easy exercise to do.

This exercise does not only reduce belly fat but it also stretches and strengthens your lower body. And it is very simple to do.

How to do

  • Stand straight, legs hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Pull your hands out front, parallel to the floor.
  • Lunge yourself with the left foot forward.
  • Twist your torso to your left side. Try to reach your outstretched arms to the left.
  • Slowly move your hands to the initial position. 
  • Do it with the other side. 


Keep your spine straight throughout the workout.


The plank is pretty similar to a push-up.

This exercise is generally considered a must in the routine towards a flat stomach. A plank can be performed anywhere and doesn’t require any special equipment. 

How to do

  • Set yourself in a position similar to that of a push-up. Hands bending 90 degrees at the elbows, with forearms resting on the mat.
  • Keep your elbows placed right underneath your shoulders. Fix your eyes towards the ground.
  • Feet close together, with toes touching the mat only.
  • Hold the position for as long as possible.


Your body should be kept straight throughout the exercise.  There are also many modifications to the standard plank such as knee plank, side plank, single-leg plank and so on.

Flutter Kicks

The kicking movements resemble swimming techniques.

The flutter kicks exercise will work your abdominal and hip muscles, which helps reduce belly fat effectively by mimicking the swimming stroke.

How to do

  • Lie down straight on your back. Keep both arms parallel to the ground with palms facing down.
  • Try to lift your shoulders, neck, and head slightly off the floor. (If you find it hard to do so, just keep your upper body flat on the mat.)
  • Raise your legs off the ground so that they hover in the air.
  • Hold that for a few seconds, while making the flutter kick motion.


If you want to step up the game, try doing the exercise with hands under your buttocks. We’ve introduced some very simple yet effective exercises to reduce belly fat for both men and women. It is now up to you to perform the routine regularly for the best results. We hope that you will reach your goal of a fit and healthy body.

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