Ankita Konwar Shares Her 34 Years Age Gap Love Story With Milind Soman

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 03, 2019

Ankita Konwar reveals how she knows Milind Soman was her Mr Right despite their 34-year old age gap.

Yesterday, Ankita Konwar opened up about her love story with husband Milind Soman which then creating all the buzz on social media for her heart-touching note. Even though the couple tied the knot last year despite their 34-year old age gap, everyone still couldn't help but wonder about their relationship.

Ankita first opened her story by bringing back the time when she still worked in Malaysia as an Air Asia cabin crew.  It's was a dreadful time for Ankita as her boyfriend suddenly passed away. She then moved to Chennai as required by her company. And how coincidentally, it's where she first met the love of her life.


Despite their first met didn't actually go smoothly, faith brought them together the second time. "A few days later, I saw him again at the hotel’s nightclub. I kept looking at him and he was staring at me too! My friends urged me to go talk to him. So I asked if he’d like to dance & he obliged! There was a vibe - I could feel it!”.
Even though Ankita Konwar felt the unable-to-explain connection between her and Milind Soman, she was still trapped with memories about her ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she decided to tell him that she still couldn't get over her late boyfriend. And that was the moment when Milind Soman deeply touched her heart by saying:
Since that moment, Ankita Konwar knew she found the one. The day she introduced Milind to her family, she was worried about their 34-year old age gap but their love changed her parent mind.
Read their full love story here!


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