Acne, Go Away: Do These Simple Things And You’ll Get Rid Of Acne Forever

Kimmy Karima |Sep 11, 2019

One of the most annoying skin problems may be acne. But with some simple tips, you can finally say bye-bye to it.

Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples anywhere on your body, especially on your face, shoulders, and back. It’s not dangerous, but it’s stubborn and can stay for a long time, which may downgrade your self-confidence.

There are various reasons why you have acne, like oil building up under the skin, pores getting blocked, bacteria attacking, etc.

But worry no more! Below are the routines that dermatologists recommend you to do, so acne won’t visit you, or will gradually leave you.

Keeping your hair clean

acne treatment
Clean hair means a clean face.

It’s a surprise to many that the acne problem may spring from oily hair. That’s because the oil can go from your hair to your face, especially your forehead and the sides of your cheeks, then maybe your shoulders and back too, which causes acne.

What you should do is wash your hair regularly, depending on how oily it is and how much hair products you often use. Be careful not to get hair spray to your face too. The chemicals in it can lead to more skin problems than just acne.

Using the facial cleanser twice a day

acne treatment
Wash, wash your face!

Everyone knows that you should wash your face daily. But if your skin is prone to acne, you should make it twice, in the morning and evening, to get rid of extra oil. Choose a really gentle and allergy-safe cleanser and don’t go for over twice anyway, or you’ll risk making your skin too clean, i.e. too dry.

Using only your hands

acne treatment
Massage your face with your hands when cleansing. Photo: GettyImages

When washing your face, use nothing but your hands (and a little bit of cleanser, of course). Don’t use anything harsh like a sponge or a brush (yes, some people even use a rough brush!). You don’t want to irritate your skin more so it’ll bring you some more acne out of revenge, do you?

Keeping your surroundings clean

acne treatment
Washing your hands regularly is good for your skin and your health.

To keep your face clean, you should take care of everything that may touch your face too. Like your bed sheet, pillows, makeup brushes, sponges and pads. All of them must be washed regularly. And most importantly, keep your hands clean and out of your face! Touching your face with your hands is an effective way to bring bacteria to it.

Choose your sunscreen according to your skin type

acne treatment
Sunscreen is a necessity. Photo: GettyImages

Applying sunscreen before going out is important because sunlight can damage your skin more than you know. Choosing the right kind of sunscreen is necessary too, so you won’t add more oil to your oily skin, or won’t dry up your already dry skin. Protect your skin with love and your acne will go without saying.


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