8 Reasons For Oily Hair That You Didn’t Know

Advika Hue |Apr 08, 2019

If you are struggling with oily hair for a long time, maybe it because you are doing one (or all) of 8 things we listed below.

Many people are having troubles with oily hair and try to get rid of it by washing every day. But that is only a temporary measure. What we need to deal with are the actual causes of oily hair. We have listed here eight things causing greasy hair that you often do without knowing it.

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Too much touching

When you touch your hair, the oil from your fingers will be left on your hair. So if you touch your hair too often, it will quickly get greasy. So try not to do it as much as you can, even if you’re trying to flirt with someone, or just because you are bored.

Washing your hair too often

It’s true that washing your hair can clean the oil, but if you use shampoo daily, your oily hair’s condition will get even worse. Because the shampoo will take away the natural oil in your scalp, therefore it has to produce more oil to replace. It’s recommended that you wash your hair every other day or 2-3 times per week. You will thank yourself in the future.

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Using too much conditioner

Be careful when choosing and using a conditioner, because it can weigh your hair down if it’s not suitable with your hair type. Wash the conditioner carefully so that it won’t leave any excess oil, and apply it only on the hair ends to avoid oily roots.

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Brushing your hair too often

Too much brushing will increase oil production, your hair, therefore, get greasy much faster. So if you have hair brushing habit, try to do it with the hair ends only.

Dirty comb

After using for a while, your comb will be full of dirt and excess of styling products. All those dirty things will be transferred to your clean hair, so don’t forget to clean your comb regularly.

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Too much hair stuck on your comb

The hair that is stuck on your comb is dirty and oily hair. So if you use a comb full of hair, your hair will get dirty and greasy too. Once again, make sure to clean the hair on your comb regularly.

Using the wrong products

If you are using any product that says “moisturizing” or “shining”, you probably chose the one that is not suitable for your hair type. Try replacing it with a lightweight formula product.

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Using heavy styling products

If you are using styling products like dry shampoo regularly, your scalp and hair strands might get clogged up. So for about three or four times per month, you should exfoliate your scalp or wash your hair with clarifying shampoo so that it can be detoxed.


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