6 Signs You Have Found The Right Companion of Your Life

Jasmin Hue |Nov 30, 2019

Finding a forever companion is hard, but if you are lucky enough, you can find one. Check out these 6 signs to see if your partner is your Mrs./Mr. Right.

We all expect to find a perfect mate who will be our companion for the rest of our life. We may also get confused on the journey of figuring our who Mrs/ Mr Right is, as each person appearing in our lives has very different characteristics and we have different chemistry with them.

But don’t worry! Check out these 6 signs to see if you have found the right person or not. Grasp the chance and don’t let them go!

1. You get clear signals from them

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Nothing is more tiring than constantly having to worry about what your partner thinks and how they feel when you are in a relationship. But if you find the right person, they don’t make you play mind-reading games. They will freely express their emotions and they are as well very open about their needs.

Direct communication is an important key. They make everything clear for you and you will feel at ease to enjoy every single moment together.

2. You don’t need to try to initiate the conversation

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Your Mrs./Mr. Right knows that they should take the initiative to keep in touch with you. They will put the effort in making an interesting conversation with you. Such partner will show their great care for you by asking your daily plan in the morning and saying “Goodnight” in the evening.

They patiently listen to you and enthusiastically reply to anything you say. While talking with them, you can feel that you are being heard and appreciated. This is when the efforts come from both sides.

3. You don’t have to compete for their heart

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Your forever person will make you feel that you are so unique in their heart that you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone else. They even avoid flirting others as they are afraid you might get hurt. That person will try his/her best to make you feel secure and will never do anything that might jeopardize your relationship.

They constantly remind you how important you are to them and how grateful they are to have you in their life. You will feel no sense of competition at all.

4. You always have their attention

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You are "an apple of their eyes", you are always in their minds that there’s nothing you have to do to attract their attention. They love the way you are they, don’t want to change anything about you.

They are active in developing a positive relationship. When you are with them, you might feel that you are treasured and respected.

5. You have them by your side any time

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That person always wants to be with you and will never disappear out of sudden without informing you. They are sensible enough to know when you are sad so that they can offer you their shoulder. They know how to compliment you to make you feel more confident in yourself.

You will always have them by your side on any special occasions. You are lucky to have such person, who is willing to hold your hand no matter what happen.

6. You don’t feel any awkwardness with them  

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There are no silent awkward moments existing when you are with them. You can speak your mind and be your authentic self, they will never judge you. They embrace every aspect of you: “a childish” you, an “emotional” you and you don’t mind showing them your dark sides. They will neither keep any secret from you. This will lay a firm foundation for a sustainable relationship.

Bear in mind that a strong relationship requires efforts from both sides. Even if your partner doesn’t do all things stated above, do not pressure them. Take initiative to show them that you are their “forever person”!  And if they love you enough, they will surely try to prove that they are also your Mrs./Mr. Right.


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