5 Reasons Why Indian Men Make "The Best Husbands Of The World"

Priyansh Ha |Jun 15, 2019

Here are 5 reasons to prove that Indian men have always been the best partners to every woman when it comes to the marriage.

A decade ago, Maria Arbatova, a Russain feminist and author, published research which said that Indian men can be the most ideal husband for Russian women out of all the foreigners. According to her, Indian men are raised differently which makes them more open.

Things haven’t changed much since then. Here are 5 reasons to prove that Indian men have always been the best partners to every woman when it comes to the marriage.

Indian Men
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

1. They Grow Up With Stories About Both Superman And Superwoman

Instead of growing up only with stories about superheroes, India men are taught about the equal strength of men and women at a very young age. They learn from the stories of goddesses like Kali, Durga and many other powerful women who win against evils. That’s why they never be afraid of strong and independent women.

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Source: Times Of India

2. They Are Conscious Of Marital Status

As the Indian belief system supposes that all marriages are sacrosanct, both Indian men and women consider it a serious matter. A man should put every effort into saving his marriage before coming to the very last resort of divorcing.

Indian Men
Source: Times Of India

3. They Understand The Importance Of Family Values

As most of the Indian families root in the time where family values play a key role in the society, a man who grows up in that family surely understands how important it is to be a great husband.

Indian Men 3
Source: Times Of India

4. They Are Responsible Men

Indian men are all open to the idea of sharing responsibilities. As women are getting more involved in the financial matter of the families, men also have no problem with supporting their wives when it is needed.

Indian Men 5
Source: Times Of India

5. They Are More Engaged To Their Family

Indian men, especially those who grow up with a stable emotional condition, is believed to have a strong emotional connection with their family. This is also a crucial factor that builds up a healthy and long-term relationship.

Although upbringing and social conditioning are the primary factors that shape an individual’s personality, it also depends on a lot of things including his current and past experience, his partner or marriage work. To any relationship, both sides have to make efforts, respect and trust each other to make it stand the test of time.


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