These 6 Magic Words Can Will Save Your Relationship From Harmful Fights, Read More!

Priyansh Ha |Jul 20, 2019

Not all fights are harmful to your relationship. A healthy or unhealthy fight mainly depends on how you react to it. Here are the magic words to turn a destructive fight into a comfortable one.

It may sound like a negative thing, however, not all fights are harmful and destructive for your relationship. According to recent research from the University of California, fighting is sometimes a good way to improve the emotional connection between the pair. It mainly based on how much you get your partner’s point of view.

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It's your attitude which can change a harmful fight into a healthy one (Source: The Cheat Sheet)

Try To See Your Partner's Perspective

The study pointed out that the main reason which makes most arguments between couples stressful and hurtful is that they don’t feel like being understood. On the contrary, if both partners at least try to stand on each other’s shoes, even when the fight cannot be resolved, they will feel more comfortable with the relationship after that.

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Source: Nick Notas

A Little Change Can Make Your Relationship Better

In fact, being understood is one of the most satisfying feelings that a person needs. Another research shows that it gets you the same feeling as being rewarded. In addition to that, it helps stimulate your mood and psyche even when you’re in a stressful argument.

A little change in the way you react to your discussion can surprisingly change the whole picture of the relationship. It even creates the snowball effect which calms down your partner instantly. Once she feels better, she will try to see your perspective instead of raising her tone and protecting her own opinions.

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So You Know What To Do With Your Next Fight

Tell her that you acknowledge her point of view. It doesn’t mean that she’s right and you agree with her. Just show that you truly respect her as well as her opinions and don’t want to harm the relationship. “I see where you’re coming from,” try these magic words which will completely take the heat out of your fights. 


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