6 Biggest Hair Colors Need To Be On Your Style Radar For This Spring

Nagini Shree |Jan 18, 2019

Pretty pastels, strawberry honey and so much more.

Make-up and outfits can be used to make us feel more confident, but so can hair color. There are a host of hair dyes on the market that can liven up your look and are perfect to try out if you're planning on hitting any festivals this year. Imitating celebrities is a good idea, but you should take practical advice from experts into account. A trendy yet eye-catching hair color shall be prioritized first.

1. Pretty Pastels

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A lot of experts and fashionista make a guess that faded pastels are likely to make a comeback, yet with more white and powdery. According to Crazy Color®.

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This colorful hair trend actually kicked off on the Marc Jacobs spring/ summer 2019 runway as Lady Gaga opted for platinum blonde hair and other models had their hair dyed varying shades of pastel to perfectly match the colors of the fabrics.

New York colorist Stephanie Brown consulted,

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To maintain the color, pick up the best shampoo and conditioners you are recommended by experts.

2. Strawberry Honey

Spring Hair Strawberry Honey 1547667676

This hue can be considered as the perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper. Brown said.

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Gigi Hadid first debuted the shade in 2016, though it's just now gaining serious momentum as a hair color to watch.

3. Rich Brunette

Spring Hair Rich Brunette 1547667678

The beauty of brown hair is its impressive versatility. It means that those who with brown hair can be transformed into a glossy espresso lightened to warm honey, tinted red, or turned ombré.

4. Dusty Copper

Spring Hair Dusty Copper 1547667678

If those who already possess redheads with a little darker and cooler undertones, dusty copper might be a good choice. Dusty copper hair gives you that gorgeous red shade, but a little bit toned down.

5. Beach Brown

Spring Hair Beach Brown 1547667678

This tone is ideally beachy and for those with cooler undertones.

Brown explains.

Screenshot 66

6. Snow Bunny Blond

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This is like platinum sister.

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