2019 Spring Beauty Tips From Beyonce's Makeup Artist Sir John

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 12, 2019

Sir John is the makeup artist behind famous faces like Beyoncé and Serena Williams. He has shared 5 makeup tips for you to be gorgeous in this spring.

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Beyonce Knowles at 2018 Coachella (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images) 

Sir John is famous for being Beyonce and Serena Williams' makeup artist. He knows how to create that gorgeous and praiseworthy looks for the celebrities. His style is unique, and he focuses closely on the details to get the best result. In the recent event of ALLEVEN London, Sir John had revealed several of his beauty tips for this spring.

The makeup artist knows that everyone loves a lacquered look of one's face. However, he also points out that one also needs their body to get the same coverage of his or her face, and that how it works for him. He loves the fact that the coverage runs parallel. Besides, to get the feeling of spring, it does not mean that childish pastel shades are essential. Sir John thinks that there are more mature and better ways to embrace spring palettes.

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Below are five spring makeup tips from Beyonce's makeup artist. You should check them out because Sir John is a pro and he undoubtedly gives only pro tips!

Pay Attention To The Complexion

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Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

There is a famous saying "beauty from the inside out", and it does apply when it comes to beauty. Sir John believes that whether you are a supermodel or not if you can adopt a holistic approach when you get that key to natural beauty. He explained that they tend to focus more on one's diet and complexion. All of those things will make one's skin better, together with the help of foundation and concealer.

According to Sir John, his favourite products are ALLEVEN spray, L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear and Marc Jacobs Shameless. They make it easy to create the layer but at the same time looks so sheer.

Complexion Brush Is A Must-Have In The Kit

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Credit: Courtesy of Sir John/Instagram

If no one can point out that you are wearing foundation, it means that you did a good job. To get the best result, Sir John advises that one should buy a brush which is only used for the complexion.

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For him, it is always better to own a complexion brush in the kit because it enhances the smoothness and invisibility of one's makeup.

Monochrome Makeup For Everyday Life

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Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

For a couple of few years, monochrome makeup has been such a trend. However, according to Sir John, monochromatic beauty is not only a trend, but it can be used for everyday life either. You might think that this makeup style looks quite high-fashion and complicated, yet Sir John is here to set your mind at rest.

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In case you still feel a little bit worried, look at the bronzy glam he made for Serena Williams while attending Met Gala 2017.

Sparkles Are Not For Nights Out Only

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Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Sir John grew up in the smokey eye generation, but now it is all about the sheer and fresh shades of colour. In that case, daytime glitter is a perfect choice.

While attending 2019 pre-Grammy brunch, he created a beautiful and monochromatic pink look for Beyonce. He also added sparkling glitters on her eyes to enhance her glamorous look. Also, if you are looking for a glitter product that will not flake much, Sir John recommended Lemonhead.La formulas.

Harmony Is The Key

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Credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Nowadays, makeup rules are not only about the balance on your face, such as eyes, nose and lips. According to Sir John, it is much more important when one focus on other details when applying makeup, from the hairstyle to the clothes. One typical example is Kat Graham's makeup for Vanity Fair Oscar 2019 Party.

Sir John gave a clear explanation about balancing in makeup:

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In conclusion, he stressed that the key to a glamorous spring makeup is its balance.


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