Traditional Drink Of Holi Festival Is Panacea! 5 Reasons To Consume Bhang

Priyansh Ha |Mar 22, 2019

Bhang is not only the favourite drink in Holi festival but also a healthy substance for your body.

Celebrating Holi festival without bhang will be uncompleted. This marijuana drink is one of the most special traditional beverage in India. Marijuana, which is often mistaken as cannabis, is just a kind of herb with a part of cannabis.

To prepare for a traditional cup of bhang, they use a pestle and mortar to grind down marijuana leaves into a paste. The smooth grind paste will be spiced up and mixed with cold milk. Bhang lassi or bhang thandai are popular drinkings during Holi celebration.

Bhang is not only the favourite drink in Holi festival but also a healthy substance for your body.

These days, people are more and more creative as they come up with varied forms of bhang. From chocolates to cookies and candies, it can be mixed with any food which will bring you an interesting experience. In addition to celebrating the Holi festival, here are five reasons why you should have a sip of bhang.

Lord Shiva's favourite

You may have heard about how much Lord Shiva loves this herbal drink. This is the reason why Indian offer and consume it to pay tribute to him.

Healing Properties

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Bhang is widely known as a traditional drink which is popular among Indian on the occasion of Holi. It, however, is not just a drink. With healing ingredients, this drink brings magical benefit to your health.

Improving Immune System

According to Indian legends, bhang is an excellent remedy for enhancing the immune system. This herb is also used to cure diseases like sunstroke, appetite, lisping or dysentery.

Boosting Concentration

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This substance is the favourite drink among Aghoris, Sadhus, and Yogis to enhance their meditation prowess. It also helps them reach the transcendental state which opens the bridge to Lord Shiva.

Medicinal Purpose

Bhang, known as Marijuana or Cannabis, has been used since ancient times as medicine. Some rural areas of India today still make use of it for medicinal purpose.


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