5 Reasons Girls Fall For Bad Boys (Why You Shouldn't Like Them)

Alia Thao |Oct 26, 2019

Sometimes people find it hard to understand why girls are interested in bad boys. Here are 5 common reasons why girls all fall for this type of men.

We wonder why all the girls are crazy about bad boys. The reason should be the fact that they are charming and mysterious. In other words, their undeniable charisma attracts women's attention. But should you fall for them? These are 5 reasons why bad boys are certainly not the right type for you.

1. Bad boys’ undeniable charm


It’s really hard to not fall for a bad boy with such a compelling charisma. Despite his good-looking appearance, the bad boy ‘s attitude is the main bait that he uses to lure every girl. He always finds a way to show his charisma. At the same time make you feel like the only girl that he actually cares about. If you believe in what he said, congratulation you are now under his control. 

3. Adventurous spirit 


The bad guy always heads to the wildest, free journey in which he never gets bored of everything. Nevertheless, there is a plan, a goal already set in his mind and if your target is not the same, he will immediately put himself first.

The bad guy is selfish and egotistical, he just doesn’t want to share his time helping his partner, he thinks you are wasting his precious time doing things that don’t bring him any benefits.

4. Bad guys are the master manipulators

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Let’s look into details, everything has an origin and bad boys can’t be bad from the very beginning. What lets him down in the past may be the reason for his attitude today or just because of his nature. But everyone makes mistakes when we were young.

The biggest difference is bad boys push up the hateful energy from the bad things and switch into a rebellious attitude to run away from the truth. As an unavoidable result, that type of person knows how to manipulate people.

He knows when to show his charisma, lure people into following his direction, and get what he wants. 

5. The dangerous needed feeling


Bad boy has an excellent skill of making people feel needed. He uses your empathy to have your belief and control you like the way he dominates his world. If a bad boy is now your boyfriend who just pretends to care about your dreams, your future, break up immediately.

When you stop chasing after him, he will let you go because you are nothing to him. Be happy that from now on you are no longer under his control and regret for the next girl he gets involved with. He always needs at least a partner in his life because of his gentle mind. They aren’t really “bad” after all, they just desperately want to be the centre of the world where he is the king and everybody listens to his orders.


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