Heavy And Pretty: 5 Chubby Instagrammers You Should Follow, And Not Just For Fashion Sense!

Kimmy Karima |Jul 24, 2019

Among the perfect models on social media platforms, here and there you can still find the not-so-perfect but inspiring girls that are worth your “likes”.

Instagram is not necessarily the place where you see the skinny models then feel bad about your overweight body. Let’s check out some Instagrammers - they’re plump but love their shapes, and they’re urging you to do the same. Now, here come the great influencers and the reasons why you should follow them.


Aashna Bhagwani
Photo: Instagram.

Who: Aashna Bhagwani, a fashionista.

Why: This Instagrammer impresses everyone with her choices of outfits, which include many bold colors and hard-to-wear items. Her sense of style is amazing, much better than many with slimmer shape. She accepts herself as is and always reminds us that we should love ourselves.


Nabela Noor
Photo: Instagram.

Who: Nabela Noor, a Bangladeshi American YouTuber, who describes herself as “beauty lover, believer in kind deeds and good things”.

Why: She’s a positive thinker who wants to make all people feel beautiful. Besides wonderful makeup skills, Nabela also owns a good sense of humor, which she uses when openly talking about her struggles. She’s just launched a fashion brand, which she calls a “self-love revolution”.


Neelakshi Singh
Photo: Instagram.

Who: Neelakshi Singh, a blogger.

Why: Neelakshi is an inspiration herself, who declared that you looked perfect exactly the way you were. She shares the way she takes fashion trends and makes them work for her body. You can learn a lot from her, whether your body is plus-sized or not.


Neha Parulkar
Photo: Instagram.

Who: Neha Parulkar, fashion model and role model.

Why: Neha struggled with her weight as a kid, so she’s very understanding of overweight girls. Today, she’s a confident model and is promoting self-acceptance all the way. Having been mocked for years, Neha is urging people to stop themselves and others from body-shaming.


Tanesha Awasthi
Photo: Instagram.

Who: Tanesha Awasthi, a fashion blogger, stylist and media director.

Why: She keeps speaking about her views on body positivity and self-acceptance. Tanesha is very confident and secure about her self-worth. She also often shares styling tips for all body types. She posts images of her clothes very frequently so we can get many fashion lessons from her.


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