5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For Unique Couple Engagement Rings

Mishka Saisha |Oct 09, 2019

If you are looking for unique ideas to break monotony and conventions of engagement rings, this post is definitely for you. Today we will bring to you 5 designs of dream couple rings for you two. Let’s check with us!

Engagement rings are not limited to a simple design. Instead, there are various styles of couple rings that can be a choice for your engagement day. If you are looking for ideas to break monotony and conventions, this post is definitely for you.

Today we will bring to you 5 unique ideas of dream couple rings for you two. Let’s check with us!

The Trinity Bands

To whom might not know, a trinity band has an image of three entwined rings together that symbolizes a love band. Or people call it a Challa. Besides the meaning, the design is simple, classy and fashionable. The ring comes in the right place on your finger and brings an absolutely gorgeous looking for you two.

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Antique Purple Possession

If both of you are fans of retro style, here is an idea for your couple ring that distinguishes you from others. Such a marvelous looking pair of antique rings, might not suit every outfit or occasion which you will attend in your entire life. But it is capable of showing people that you are together and the same to your souls.

In another word, vintage purple rings is such an evident stamp of endless love.

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A Pair For Wanderlusts

You might think this idea is not mature enough for an engagement. But to loving people, a symbol for their love is the thing. Engagement rings should represent their trips together that have grown the love between them. You can put whatever you like on the rings that show off your bonds such as a globe, a world map or simply an exotic turquoise stone with texture.

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Source: Blazing Fox Fine Jewelry

An Antique Gold Polish

This is another choice for couples who love vintage style and are unique in their ways. The old school gold design brings to you the feeling of empowering, especially when it combines with coloured flat stone or diamonds (or even a mix of them).

And because the rings have a strong design, sometimes it might not suit women. Hence, you should notice the thickness size of the ring band before having the decision.

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Bling Bling Bling

If you two are looking for a fairy-tale wedding with all that bling and sparkle, here is definitely a ring design for you. The band can be simplified but highlighted by small pieces of diamonds that follow the biggest star.

If you decide this design for your wife, don’t think much about the density of the biggest stone. You just do it for your loving one and keep the same shade for both the couple rings at the wedding. It might take you time but a gift to your beautiful wife, so why not?

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Source: Vonbargens Instagram

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