5 Golden Steps For Every Man To Buy Lingerie For His Girlfriend Or Wife

Kaira Immre |Oct 04, 2019

You may find yourself stress to choose the best gift for your girl on special occasions, right? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you to warm up the love island with 5 smart steps to buy lingerie for your girl or wife.

What’s the most perfect gift that can make your girl surprised and beloved? It must be lingerie! But not every man has experience in buying woman lingerie, and even someone never does that.

To make it easier for all, here’re five golden steps to choose and buy the most appropriate lingerie for your special girl.

Step 1: Confidence

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Buying the lingerie as a gift will make both of you shy? It’s WRONG. In contrast, your girl may have an impression or even feel sexy with your special gift. Giving your partner the lingerie on occasions is an ideal way to spark your long term relationship.

Step 2: Know her

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Understanding about her favorite lingerie thoroughly is a critical thing you should know as the closest man to her. Is she conservative, outgoing, daring, and willing to bare all? Always think about her and choose the unique one for her, but it is still suitable for her personality. Even if you have no idea about it, talk to her about her choices so that you don’t make her disappointed with the gift you buy.

Step 3: Style? Size?

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Choosing the best size should be the topmost priority. Take a peek in your wife’s underwear, check the labels she’s using, and even can note down her size before going shopping. Remember that the best size not only helps her feel comfortable but also highlights her assets.

Next, you need to focus on the style of lingerie. It can be a pushup bra or a balconette that is made from cotton, silk or lace. Finally, don’t forget to choose the color!

Step 4: The occasion to give the gift

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You should pay attention to the occasions you’re planning to buy the underwear for your partner. This makes you dealing with fewer choices because there are different lingeries for each special occasion.

For example, your partner will surely love the sexy bra in the wedding anniversary or birthday party to seduce you that night.

Step 5: The presentation

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Choosing the gift wrapping is as important as choosing the size or style of lingerie. The lingerie placed inside an attractive box and a card or note with intimate sayings will surely make your lady coveted and excited. The elegant wrapping shows that you put many thoughts into this gift and hope to make her happy.

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