15 Fascinating Truths That Men Will Never Confess To Their Partners

Alia Thao |Oct 30, 2019

Understanding your man is not a hard job; however, there will be some particular circumstances that he can't tell you. From their true feelings to their secrets, these are the things men are unwilling to admit to you.

According to relationship experts, men tend to be simpler than women in every aspect of life. However, females shouldn't try to dig deeper into the world of your loving partners because most of the time, you will only make things overcomplicated.

Despite their simplicity, males still have things that they do not want to share truthfully with their significant other. Here are 15 fascinating truths that men will never confess to their other half:

1. Sometimes he feels denied

Although men always want to make things simpler, there are moments that he feels rejected. With the notion that men are active individuals, they will not allow themselves to express such feelings. Nevertheless, these suppressed emotions can cause anger aimed at their lovers.

2. Sometimes he also has the feeling of being lonely

Men also have a sense of loneliness, but they do not want to show it to their lovers. They are afraid that their partners will judge or try to fix the situations. In such cases, the relationship experts recommend women to actively create motivation for reaching out and soothe their loving partners.

3. He doesn't like you using the phone too much 

In men's eyes, spending too much time on the phone is one of the most annoying things that the girlfriends cause the feeling of being hurt in males. Especially the girls opt for surfing Facebook instead of savoring the enjoyable private time when they are watching a movie together. However, most men rarely express this opinion to their partners.

4. He feels upset when you pay attention to his minor mistakes

With gender equality in today's society, men are willing to share the chores with their spouses. Nonetheless, they are supposed as imperfect as their wives in these house duties. Therefore, women's focus on the men's small mistakes, such as forgetting to throw rubbish instead of complimenting their other accomplishments, often annoys men.

5. He has some secret crushes 

Men usually have crushes in secret as meeting some 'his-type' girls, who make him interested and more talkative than usual. It does not mean that his love for you becomes unimportant. He wants to keep it under the wrap because he knows that this feeling causes no harm to his relationship with you.

6. That 'friend' is his ex

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Men tend to avoid admitting when it comes to the ex. They do not want to talk about that 'special friend,' who could genuinely be his ex because they want to reduce the likelihood of argument and protect your peaceful senses.  

7. He still updates his ex's Facebook

There is a truth that men will typically avoid mentioning things related to the previous relationships to their partners because they believe that women will think that they still have a feeling for the exes. Therefore, he won't share the frequency in which he updates information about his last girlfriend.

8. He compares his life to his ex's

When updating his ex's life, he sometimes secretly compares himself with the new lover replacing him. Sometimes you even are one of the factors of the comparison. Of course, he has never revealed to you his thoughts on these hidden comparisons.

9. He also compares his life to others

Not only his ex's life, but he also makes a comparison with other people like his friends, colleagues, and family. In a positive aspect, it may encourage and inspire him to perfect himself, but such frequent comparisons sometimes make him fall into a state of depression.

10. He is overwhelmed and afraid to show it

Life is full of big decisions, and challenging responsibilities, sometimes overwhelming for men. As individuals who represent strength, men keep it for themselves instead of sharing their burdens with the partners to show off their masculine power.

11.  He does it without you more often than you think

Men are divided into two types: the one who masturbates and the one who hides it. No man shares his hidden pleasure because he believes it is personal.

12. He desires more attention

Guys are assumed not to look for care, especially fathers who appreciate their wives ' devotion to their kid. Although they don't say it out, they yearn to become the center of attention in their partner's eyes.

13. He likes beautiful things, too

Not only women but men also want beautiful things and enjoy well-selected gifts. A nice fountain pen or a leather journal can derive the satisfaction of your man more than his admission.

Everyone loves to be appreciated, so does your man. Hence, you should recognize and express your gratitude to your partner for everything he does for you.

15. He loves you

Men should say this more than they usually do. Nevertheless, men find it hard to express their affection to their significant other. Instead, they show their love in different ways, like sharing chores or buy your favorite snack.


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