12 Valentine Hairstyles That Makes You Fall In Love With

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 29, 2019

Don't settle for basic waves.

Valentine Day is coming and why not refresh your look for the love fest! Here are 12 best hairstyles that make you fall in love with.


This beautiful black wavy hair gave you a classic look yet charming. This retro-inspired gentle wave is easy to style with little styling cream and loosely braid your hair before sleep.


Claire Foy

"Low-maintenance style starts with a great haircut," stylist Mary Jane Demirjian at Roberts Salon & Spa said. This edgy short hair doesn’t need any extra style but a powerful styling gel to keep it in shape.


Gemma Chan

This gorgeous fishtail braid will give you a sexy but youthful look. After twisting it with a velvet bow, just slightly tug on it to make your hair a little messier.


Jenifer Lopez

A high bun is the best way to enhance your look. You just need to pull your hair back into a tight ponytail then twist the pony into a tight coy. After that, wrapping the coil around the base of the pony and now you are Jenifer Lopez.


Behati Prinsloo

If your hair is long and beautiful, this simple yet elegant style is just right for you. Everything you need is just a comb, a little hairstyling gel and some hair accessories to embellish it.


Margot Robbie

This light wavy short hair is for everyone as it works for every face. A curling iron or a hair straightener can help you to create this gentle curves.


Rowan Blanchard

For medium length hair, you can mimic Rowan Blanchard hairstyle with a lightly slanted side part is super soft and sexy.


Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross and her amazing ponytail braid hair can make every heart flutter with her stunning look.


Millie Bobby Brown

A top knot perhaps one of the most natural hairstyle ever. You can make it different with some braid behind. Accessories with earings and now you have an impressive appearance.


Bella Hadid

Make your classic pony different by tight it higher and add some curves at the ends of your hair to have a sexier look.


Yara Shahidi

Natural curls are never old-fashioned hairstyle. Just need to add some hair oil to improve the smooth and shiny of your hair, and you have a perfect look for this valentine.


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne clearly has her best romantic look ever with this hairstyle. Just wrap random pieces of your hair around a curling iron and finish by flipping your hair upside down and shaking it to add a little mess. However, we recommend this hairstyle for light hair colour.



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