Beauty Guru: 10 Skin Care Steps For A Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Omisha Nidhi |Sep 15, 2019

An ultimate guide of 10 skin care steps to take care of your skin properly. Full step-by-step skin care routine. Check out now!

All we know that skin care habit is a decisive factor for your appearance and health. But how to do skincare properly? What are the skin care steps in a perfect skin care routine? What does intensive skin care involve? These are 10 steps of a skincare routine that you should follow for flawless and healthy skin.

Skin Care Step #1: Makeup Remover

The first step of a skin care routine and the double cleanse is using makeup removal. It is crucial to clean your makeup properly before using any kind of cleaning or nurturing your skin. This step will remove the makeup and other substances like SPF, sebum, and pollution.

There are many kinds of makeup remover (Liquid, Foam, Oil, and Gel) on the market, which you should choose according to your skin type. You should apply an appropriate amount of the product on your dry facial skin. Then, you should massage gently or wipe it with a piece of removal cotton.

skincare steps
The first step of a skin care routine is using makeup removal

Skin Care Step #2: Water-Based Cleanser

Using water-based cleanser is the second step of the double cleanse, which is highly recommended by skin experts. This technique ensures break-out causing factors and impurities are eliminated from your skin, such as dirt and sweat.

After using makeup remover, you should apply water-based cleanser on your wet face and neck. Massage in a circular motion from 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse your face and neck with warm water.

skin care steps
The second step of a skin care routine is using a water-based cleanser

Skin Care Step #3: Exfoliator

This step is highly important in the set of skin care steps, however, it only should be done 1-2 times a week. Exfoliating your skin physically and chemically will help your skin appear smooth and bright. It also aids other skin care products absorbance and effects.

You should apply a certain amount of exfoliating product, then gently scrub your skin. You should focus more on the nose and cheek area, or where your pores are more visible. Rinse off the dead skin and excessive product after that with water.

steps of skincare
The third step of a skin care routine is exfoliating

Skin Care Step #4: Toner

Toner is the supreme prep product since it is in charge of cleaning any leftover impurities from the former steps. Since cleansing products will dry your face, toner helps balancing the ph of your skin. Your skin barrier will be repaired and ready to absorb the latter products more effectively.

There are two ways of using toner. You can use a cotton pad to wipe the toner all across your face, or you can use your hand to pat the toner gently on your skin.

skincare steps routine
The fourth step of a skin care routine is using toner

Skincare Step #5: Essence

The essence is very light but effective skin care product provided that you choose the right essence working for your skin. Its ingredients often help hydrate your skin and fight aging signs, as well as aids skin cell turnover.

You should pat gently the essence on your face and neck. The tricky part is using the right essence for you. It is very costly, however, essence has a tremendous effect with only a little amount.

skincare routine steps
The fifth step of a skin care routine is using essence

Skincare Step #6: Treatments

Products used in this step are serums, boosters, and ampoules. These skin perfectors target specific skin problems such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

You should apply the products on the skin, focus on the area with the skin issue.

how does acne affect the integumentary system
The sixth step of a skin care routine is using treatments

Skincare step #7: Sheet masks

Sheet masks are adored by skin care addicts because it comes in very handy and its remarkable effects. Skin-wise, sheet masks prolongs the contact between the essences and your skin and distributes them evenly. It is also a great mean of self-care, which is often considered a period of such relaxation.

You should put sheet masks on clean skin, smoothen it onto your skin and wait for about 15-20 minutes. After that, pat gently to strengthen the absorb of the essences.

lifetime skincare
The seventh step of a skin care routine is using sheet masks

Skincare step #8: Eye cream

The eye area is very sensitive and shows the aging process the earliest. Therefore, many problems such as puffiness, dark circle, and crow’s feet arise if eye skin is not taken care of properly. This is where eye cream, produced with concentrated non-irritating ingredients, proves its importance in the skincare steps.

You should use your pinky finger to gently tap eye cream around the orbital bone. Pay extra attention not to let the cream into your eyes and never rub, just tap the cream gently.

lifetime skincare
The eighth step of a skin care steps routine is using eye cream

Skincare step #9: Moisturizer

Hydrating your skin and lock the moisture to smooth the fine lines are the main effects of moisturizer. As a result, this is an extremely significant step, which you should do every day.

The moisturizer has many forms, like cream, gel, emulsion and sleeping mask. Each has a different way to apply onto your skin. You should try each of them out and choose which works for your skin.

intensive skin care
The ninth step of a skin care routine is using a moisturizer

Skin Care Step #10: Sunscreen

UV rays from the sun are very damaging to your skin, which cause premature aging and skin cancer. You may think it is not necessary to apply sunscreen when you are inside most of the time throughout the day, or there is hardly any sunlight. However, this is not true.

You should apply sunscreen as the last one in your skin care steps since its effect will be enhanced not reduced by any other products. Re-apply sunscreen throughout the day to maintain the protective barrier of your precious skin.

skin care steps
The last step of a skin care routine is using sunscreen

These above mentioned are the ultimate guide of skin care steps. Some of them should be done every day, some of them should be done a few times per week. Nevertheless, each step is indispensable for healthy skin. Investing time and effort in your skin will pay off, so you should see these intensive skin care steps as a mean of self-care, not a chore. Additionally, you can get some skincare tips for your face skin on  How to improve facial skin: 7 easy habits for a bright look. Patience is the key and good luck on your journey to a healthy and bright look.

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