MUST CHECK: 10 Best Destinations In India For Your Wedding Anniversary

Mishka Saisha |Sep 28, 2019

Today we will bring to you top 10 of mesmerizing places in India for your wedding anniversary and honeymoon idea. Let’s check with us!

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your wedding anniversary, India is a good choice with several romantic destinations. Today we will bring to you top 10 of mesmerizing places for your anniversary or honeymoon. Let’s check with us!

Diu Island

Instead of usual destinations, you can change your direction to Diu Island. There are numbers of splendid beaches on the island where you can enjoy the soothing land breaths from the Arabian Sea. If you come here in fall or winter, you’ll experience Festa De Diu - the longest winter beach festival in Asia and have a memorable wedding anniversary here.

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If you are nature lover, this place is for you. Known as “Meadow of Flowers”, there are an amount of colorful blooming flower hills in summer. On top of that, Gulmarg is famous for the cable car ride Gondola. The ride gives you a 360-degree view of the magnificent Himalayan peak, Nanga Parbat where you can witness many amazing views.

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You two will have experience staying on a houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Kerala, enjoying bird chirping in the morning. You can also run along barefoot on Alleppey and Marari beaches or visit holistic sites and sightseeing places like Karumadikuttan Statue and Arthunkal Church beside natural scenic views.

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Coorg (Karnataka) is a real heaven on earth, where you can free your soul into nature. There are thousands of things to enjoy there, from flourishing tea garden, fascinating waterfall to long-scale coffee hills or massive forests.

Especially, coffee lover couples can experience picking coffee during the season within tasting tour. That's what Coorg can serve you.

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Kohima offers you the chance to integrate into Indian culture with Naga cuisine and distinct lifestyle. It’s located in the northeastern region with side-by-side houses among overlapping mountains.

In winter, you can join the famous Hornbill Festival which is held every first week of the month. Furthermore, you two can explore some trekking routes besides tourist villages.

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Covered with innumerable and extensive forests as well as tea gardens, Kalimpong rise as a valuable treasure that India receives from the mother nature. It can be described as an ideal place for the holiday, where people and nature live in peace.

Everyone is welcomed here, to relax or have a nap and join outdoor activities in nearby areas.

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Puducherry evokes the images of the famous Riviera beach in France with long and beautiful shore. This place got influenced a lot by the French building structure because of the colony time in last century. You will have a memorable anniversary romantic dinner by the ocean here.

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Andaman Islands

Andaman is a combination of blue sea, white sand coastline and gorgeous landscapes. It’s a perfect place to explore the underwater kingdom with scuba diving and snorkelling. The destination is popular for its best beach Radhanagar where couple can have peaceful morning walk by the sea.

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When you have a chance to go the northeastern regions of India, you would want to go Imphal for a couple of days. Not having many tourist attractions, Imphal has an interesting festival called Sangai in winter of the local villages. Otherwise, there are also national parks, lakes or museums worth having a look.

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Famous for its beautiful landscape with green and large forests or immense paddy field, Wayanad is always worth a visiting. There you can contemplate superb nature or fall into the ecology around, which contains thousands of species. Especially, tree house resorts offer you an amazing experience of staying between sky and ground amidst a lush environment.

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