Fast And Furious 9: Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham Probably Won’t Return

Advika Hue |Jan 31, 2019

Dwayne Johnson said he and Jason Statham won’t return for Fast and Furious 9 since they are busy working on the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw

Since Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are busy working on their spinoff movie titled “Hobbs & Shaw”, they might be absent in the next Fast and Furious movie.

The two actors will play the lead roles in Hobbs & Shaw. Johnson will play as Luke Hobbs, an agent from the  Diplomatic Security Department of the US, and Statham will play the character of Deckard Shaw who formed an improbable alliance with Hobbs.

Dwayne Johnson has recently opened up about the upcoming movie, revealing a piece of news that might disappoint a lot of Fast and Furious’ fans.

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The actor posted on Instagram a picture taken with other actors including his fellow actor Josh Mauga, Cliff Curtis from Fear the Walking Dead, John Tui, and Roman Reigns. He wrote in the caption that they are an “aiga”, a word used in Samoa which means “family”.

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Dwayne Johnson also shared that they lived in Samoa and was running an used-to-be illegal chop shop. The business is now legal because they are making and delivering vintage custom-made cars all around the world.

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The actor also mentioned that this would be the greatest showdown in the coming summer for Fast and Furious.

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The spinoff movie will be released in the summer. And although the production crew of Fast & Furious are all ready to start shooting, it seems like Statham and Johnson wouldn’t have time to shoot for the 9th installment.

In an interview with MTV News, Dwayne Johnson said that the universe of Fast & Furious was always planned to expand and grow, but they couldn’t join the movie since the shooting was ready to be started. He also shared that he might return for the Fast 10,

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While the two actors might not be able to appear in Fast 9, their fans can still hope for a return of the two and their favorite characters in the next installments of the franchise.

The spinoff Hobbs & Shaw will be out in the theatres in the coming August.


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