WOW: Joaquin Phoenix's Boggling Dance Moves In "Joker" Were Completely Improvised

Aesha |Oct 10, 2019

Joker's flowing to Tai Chi under the glinting light of a bathroom is perchance the most terrifying scene out of the film.

The Joker is and will always be among the most quirkily iconic and eclectic fiction villains. The role began in comic books’ pages to a famous video game, from a blockbuster telly-series that evolved to the distinguished Batman movies.

Apart from sharp and chiefly positive reactions for the treatment of the recent film, there is one strong Oscar rumble for Joaquin Phoenix’s adept portrayal of a solitary man that pitches into violence.


The spiral plot of Joker is Arthur Fleck’s “character study”. He is a mentally unsteady maverick whose health starts to go downhill after Gotham shuts down all social services funding, coercing him to quit therapy sessions and making all his medications unavailable. Things go overboard and he then turns into Joker.

The film is rated R for the "strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language, and brief sexual images."

Like a superhero, the supervillain of DC also displayed his bipolar sides as Joker and Arthur. The character was taken to new acmes.

Joker Step

As reviewed by movie buffs, the installment where Joker flowed to Tai Chi under the glinting light of a bathroom is perchance the most horrendous scene out of the flick.

Tai chi is a mixed martial arts form which uncovers the contradiction within a person, namely light and dark, good and evil, laughter and pain. Apropos Phoenix, the part emerged naturally and it was also unscripted.

Joaquin shared with The National, saying, "I was really responding to the music. That bathroom scene was such a transformative moment, not only for the character but for us. We discovered a way of working.”

It has been known that Phoenix has studied karate for years. But it was Tai Chi that established him as a superb artist.


Joaquin Phoenix has managed to impress Indian fans with his portrayal as Joker. The movie has a great opening in the market, earning Rs 29 crore of gross within the opening weekend.


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