Hollywood Celebrities' Weirdest First Jobs Before Raising To Fame

Jasmin Hue |Oct 06, 2019

Prior to their pre-fame days, these 15 top Hollywood celebrities used to have very strange jobs, check this out as it will surprise you.  

Before catapulting into global fame, Hollywood celebrities' life is not as glorious as you might imagine. Like many of us, they also struggle to earn extra money and make end meet by doing various jobs.

Scroll down to know more about Hollywood celebrities' strangest first jobs!

Taylor Swift, a young Christmas tree farmer

Taylor Swift spent her childhood on a Christmas tree farm where she also had her very first job on this farm.

Swift was in charge of repelling mantis pods off the tree with spray to make sure that none of the insects can escape the farm to go rebel in the customer’s house.

In an interview with Esquire, she also shared that it was the only task she could do to help her relatives because she was too little.

Brad Pitt, a Chicken costume wearer

Brad Pitt

How do you imagine Brad Pitt’s first job? A fancy job with a formal suit? Wrong. His first job was dressing in a chicken costume, dancing and cheering to attract the attention of people passing to come to the restaurant.

He used to work for El Pollo Loco. If you go on a celeb-themed tour, you will for sure have a chance to stop by here to see how our young Brad Pitt spent his former life.

Megan Fox, a Banana costume wearer

Megan Fox Gettyimages 1066420308 1280

Not everyone knows that Megan Fox used to work in a smoothie shop in Florida. Her task was dressing up as a banana to impress people and convince them to try their smoothies.

Once on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Ellen pulled a prank on Fox by having her employee jump out in banana costume and scare Fox. Of course, Fox screamed her lungs out and could not help laughing at this memorable costume.

Ellen DeGeneres, a house painter

Ellen Degeneres

The story behind Ellen’s current success can be written out in thousands of pages. She has been working hard in various jobs before becoming a worldwide renown comedian. She first worked at a J.C. Penny and T.G.I. Fridays as well as other gigs as a hostess, bartender and even a house painter.

Cindy Crawford, a corn shucker

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Cindy Crawford, one of the most iconic supermodel worldwide, once shared that she actually used to shuck corn to earn money. People could hardly imagine that her wage has increased exponentially, from $4 per hour to approximately $1,000 per day when she begins to pursue her career as a supermodel.

Miley Cyrus, a bra collector

As most of the people already know, Miley Cyrus is the daughter of famous song-writer, actor Billy Ray Cyrus. During her pre-fame days, Miley worked for her Dad as a bra collector, picking up all bras thrown on the stage of the concerts by his obsessive fan. She was paid $10 for her service.

Gabourey Sidibe, a Phone Sex Operator

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A young pre-fame Gabourey worked as a phone sex operator with the name “Melody” for roughly three years. In one interview she also admitted that she found herself very good at it and she felt grateful that working as a sex talker allowed her to acquire skills that serve her current acting career. Nevertheless, her payment was only $15 per hour.

Naya Rivera, a hooter girl

Tai Xuong

Before becoming famous of hit TV Show Glee, Naya Rivera tried various jobs to make ends meet. She once served up cheese sticks and fried pickles at Hooters. However, she was not at all into this task and soon quit her job.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, a Dishwasher

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At the age of 13,  young Dwayne had his very first job as a $3.45-per-hour dishwasher at a pizza shop. On his Twitter, she shared that he had a very long shift, for around 8 hours per day, which was quite tough for a teenager.

Kanye West, Customer service staff

Kanyewest Hero 104092319

It is hard to believe that our cool Kayne West worked at a local Gap store as a customer service staff. Even until now, he constantly mentions his previous job and even incorporates it in many of his rap song “Let’s go back, back to Gap..”

Barack Obama, an Ice Cream Scooper

Overview Barack Obama

Our well-respected 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, began his career with scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins in Honolulu before entering university. He always highly appreciates his time working there as that small job taught him a sense of responsibility and the value of hard work.

Hugh Jackman, a party clown Hugh Jackman 1024x758

Before becoming famous Marvel superhero Wolverine, Hugh Jackman spent his former life working as a crappy clown. He would jump out to scare kids on their birthday. And in one interview, he confessed that he always failed to satisfy kids with his bad magic tricks. So our Wolverine changed his job and became a P.E teacher.

Nicole Kidman Was a Massage Therapist

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Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman almost became a professional massage therapist in the past. Prior to her acting career, she used to study message to help her Mother to reduce her muscle pain as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kidman soon found her strong interest in massage that she started doing for other people as well.

Emma Stone, a waitress in a dog café

Emma Stone La Land Damien Chazelle

Though now being one of the highest-paid actresses, Emma Stone had a very humble beginning as a waitress in a Dog Café, serving dessert and other bakery items to earn an extra bit of cash. At that time she was studying an online course to get her degree. She was even very good at baking treats.

Jennifer Aniston, a Telemarketer

Actress Jennifer Aniston Attends The 21st Annual S

If you happened to receive a phone call from Poconos in the early 90s, there’s a chance that you were talking to Jennifer Aniston. She used to work as telemarketer trying to sell timeshare before landed her career-making role as Rachel Green on the TV hit Friends.

Here are Hollywood celebs' weirdest first jobs.


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