Taylor Swift And Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn To Hold Hands Strolling Around Paris After Single ME!

Nalini Suri |May 26, 2019

Recently, Taylor Swift has released her single ME! and the highlight is her creation of a pastel fantastic version of Paris.

Paris is well-known as City of Lights but since Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn took their vacation in this city while releasing her single ME!, she was the savor that brightens up all the lights.

taylor swift

On Friday, 29-year-old Taylor Swift and her beau were seen holding hands and going for a stroll in Paris with casual costumes.

taylor swift
                                                         Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn hand-in-hand in Paris

With a happy-go-lucky appearance in a multicolored sweatshirt set and a pair of black skinny jeans, Taylor Swift heightened her slim legs while the 28-year-old actor chose a simple T-shirt in white color with a dark coat tied over the left shoulder. Taylor Swift slung a dark handbag over her shoulder and put a baseball cap in dark blue on with tortoiseshell sunglasses in the browline model when Joe rocked a cap from New York Yankees and black sunglasses.

As “Shake It Off” singer strolled hand-in-hand with her beau, Taylor Swift seemed to enjoy her precious moments in Paris. Then they got in and drove a black car away.

Taylor Swift

Talking about her new song for her single ME!, Taylor Swift shared the idea of sunny mood in the song as a “palette cleanser” and its video was an effort to blow away all the angry and gloomy music that was released in a few recent years.


It can be seen that Taylor refreshed the atmosphere in her song by dressing in animated pastels and singing and dancing in rustic streets in Paris. Hew new video starts with a crawling snake across the colorful stones in the pavement, then bursts into a fulfilled butterfly cloud, which reflects her ongoing revenge with producer and rapper Kanye West.

Like a calm and colorful sky after a storm, Taylor Swift has put all her desire and attempt on her single ME! to brighten a new era of positivity and admission, wishing endless energy spread all over her fans after her album “Reputation”.


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