Sunny Leone refused to be a part of Game of Thrones

Jyotis |Sep 27, 2018

Without providing any further information about which role she was offered, Sunny admitted she was invited to join in Game of Thrones, but she had to refuse

It can't be denied the fact that hit HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones has left a strong impression on its fans. This blockbuster has built up many really glorious characters, eye-opening violence, and some phrases becoming a symbol on television. Therefore, many actors wish to score a role in this series. Recently, Sunny Leone has revealed in an interview that she should have had a chance to join in Game of Thrones.

Sunny didn't provide any further information about the character that she should have played. Sunny admitted she received the invite to join in Game of Thrones, but she had to refuse.

Sharing about what prevented her from shooting Game of Thrones, Sunny said, “I got this message one day. This guy’s like, ‘I know it’s really last minute, but we want to cast you for a role in Game Of Thrones’ and I was like Oh my God! No Way!” “

And then they sent the IMDB link to see who it was and then... It was fake!” Sunny shared.

The Canadian-born Indian-American actor shared with the media that she wanna live her own life, her own ways of living. Sunny will return with the second season of her web show, Karenjit Kaur on ZEE 5. The content of this show is "The Untold Story of Sunny Leone". This is the show marking her renowned process, from the first moment she steps into the showbiz until becoming one of the hottest names in the adult entertainment industry. Also, Sunny will share about the conflict and trouble between her and her mother.

“I don’t know if my decisions are brave or just crazy. I haven’t figured it out yet,” Sunny told HT, while adding, “The show was a lot harder to shoot than I thought it was going to be.”

Speaking about her experience in the adult industry, Sunny said: “I bet there are a lot of young people here who never got tested, but you should. I know it’s very awkward, but if you’re promiscuous you should definitely get tested. And use condoms, everybody.”

Our modern times gradually have a new look on the adult film industry, though there's still prejudice on those who are casting on this kind of film in general, and Sunny in particular. However, Sunny's success has proved that the adult film industry is not as harsh as many thoughts.


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