Stormi's Birthday: Kylie Jenner's Over-The-Top Butterfly Party For Stormi Turning Two Years Old

Rose Advani |Jan 30, 2020

Kylie Jenner threw an over-the-top butterfly party for the little princess, Stormi for the second birthday on February 1. Reveal some surprising details from the special birthday!

What is the different birthday party of a young billionaire’s daughter? The 2-year-old-birthday party of Stormi Webster, the daughter of Kylie Jenner, will answer this question.

Stormi's birthday
Kylie Jenner celebrated an incredible butterfly-themed second birthday party for daughter Stormi

This year, the cosmetics mogul decided to celebrity Stormi's birthday with the butterfly party instead of the  amusement park-themed party on her first birthday.

Kylie Jenner has revealed some photos of the upcoming butterfly party for Stormi’s birthday on February 1, 2020. On the day turning to two years old, her mom, Kylie has been teasing for months before Stormi's official second party. These photos might be just the pre-party but look so amazing! What will surprise all of us on an official day?

Screenshot 2

The pre-party focused on the butterfly decorations and pouring on by the lavender color. Finding the sweetest things in the world here as cookies, macarons, and cakes.

Stomi's Birthday Decorations
Stomi's Birthday Decorations with purple ball and butterfly shape cakes

Stormi Webster Birthday Party
Stormi and her friends at the pre-birthday bash

The party had lots of a purple ball pit and a swing complete the party decoration that was the Stormi's sign.

Her dad, Travis Scott also was there to celebrate the big day alongside Kylie Jenner as the role of co-parent.

On Stormi's first birthday, Kylie Jenner grabbed the attention of the public by organized an amusement park-themed party with the main theme - Stormi and the hashtag #stormiworld turning popular at that time.

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