Stormi Webster Got So Excited About Her Surprising Friend, ‘Troll’ Character Poppy On Christmas Eve

Rose Advani |Dec 25, 2019

On Christmas Eve, Stormi Webster got a big surprise with her idol character from “Trolls”. And, who played the role of the pink troll character?

Christmas Eve always comes with miracle things! And the spirit is right with the little princess, Stormi Webster in Kylie’s family. Stormi had a great Christmas Eve when her favorite character from Trolls suddenly appeared in her home on Christmas Eve.

Stormi Webster

No word can show a happy feeling on her face. The girl danced and sang along with Poppy’s choreography while watching the DreamWorks Animation film Trolls in Kylie’s mansion and it seemed that your idol in the cartoon has to turn into reality and her wish has come true.

Kylie Jenner shared this adorable moment on her social media and captioned “Little does she know Poppy is about to surprise her”. As soon as Poppy appeared, Stormi did not believe that her idol was there, right in front of her. She carefully touched on the hand of the pink character.

When Stormi felt that Poopy was real and with the confirm from her mother, Kylie Jenner “Give her a hug, baby! Poppy’s here!”, she shouted “Poppy! Poppy!!” and run around in her super excitement. Later, she hugged the pink character and danced along with her.

With the revealing of Kylie in other Instagram post, “Thank you @trolls & @travisscott for surprising Stormi ? best day ever,” we can guess that Travis Scott played as Poppy to surprise her daughter on Christmas Eve. All fans get love with the great parenting of the couple though they had alreadu parted a way.


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