Stan Lee's Last Touching Moment Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 16, 2018

In remembrance of Stan Lee, his official account had posted a touching video in which he shared his gratitude for his supporters.

On November 15th, the official Twitter account posted a video in a remembrance of the legendary Marvel's comic book writer. In the video, Stan Lee was showing his gratefulness for all of his supporters.

The tweet's caption expressed that there were lots of beautiful moments with the Marvel's iconic writer all this time. On a specific day, as they were getting ready for a filming, Stan Lee just naturally sat down. He began to share his feelings and love for the fans. By sharing this video, the official account wants the fan to know that Stan Lee really loves his supporters, as much as how his supporters love him.

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Stan Lee just spoke it out naturally and emotionally. The relationship was too affectionate to the point that he could not find the words to describe. The father of iconic Marvel's heroes shared his own story in the video. There were nights that he had to wonder about what he was doing and he felt depressed. At those moments, his fans were his saviours. They sent him letters and whenever he felt lost, he read them all. Stan Lee then realized that no matter what happened, his fans were still there and supported him wholeheartedly. He emphasized again how thankful he was because he realized how much his fans loved him.

He felt amazed at how they loved him and how he loved them back despite the fact that they had never met. Stan Lee and his fans might not live in the same place, the same country, but still, they shared the same thing. This special bond surprised him and he just enjoyed every moment of it.

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Stan Lee is the father of famous Spider-Man, Iron Man, and others iconic Marvel's heroes. He died at the age of 95 on Monday in Los Angeles. The sad news had shocked the world and many people had given condolences to him and his beloved ones. According to the news source, the Avengers actors and actresses are in the middle of a preparation for a tribute. There will also be a special musical tribute on social media hosted by Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) for Stan.


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