Game Of Thrones: Sophie Turner's Shocking Mental Health Issues Leave Fans Heartbroken

Advika Hue |Apr 19, 2019

Recently actress Sophie Turner has opened up about her mental health problems and the suicidal thoughts she used to had while shooting for "Game of Thrones".

Young actress Sophie Turner has reportedly decided to take a career break due to mental health issues. Along with appearing in the next X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, Sophie Turner will also continue to play as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones’s last season, which was released on April 14th. The first episode of the final season set a new record of rating, and the other 5 episodes are also expected to gain the same success.

Sophie Turner
Source: Twitter

Recently, Sophie Turner has opened up about her mental health issues. She said that while shooting for Game of Thrones, she was criticized for her appearance and her acting so badly that she even thought of committing suicide. Appearing on Phil in the Blanks by Dr. Phil, the young actress shared that she had to take a break from the industry to focus on her mental health problems.

Sophie Turner in a scene from Game of Thrones season 7 (Source: HBO)

Sophie is now undergoing treatment and meditation and said that Joe Jonas, her fiancé, was one of her greatest source of comfort to help her through the illness. His showing of love and caring for her every day was of huge value for her recovery. Sophie also told Dr.Phil that she has been battling her mental issues since she was 17 years old. At that time, she had to stay at home while her brothers and best friends went away for colleges, that’s also one of the factor was leading to her depression.

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner at The 2019 Vanity (Source: Getty Images)

Sophie Turner said,

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More shockingly, the actress confessed that she used to think about killing herself a lot during the previous years. So what she definitely needs right now is a break from Hollywood until her condition gets better. Even though this news has left many fans of Sophie heartbroken, they understand that what most important at the moment is her mental health. The second episode of GoT will be on air on April 21st.


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