"She Exposes Her Breasts To Multiple People", Mariah Carey's Ex-Manager Threatens To Reveal Dark Secrets

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 01, 2019

After nude photo of Mariah Carey was leaked on the internet last month, the diva's ex-manager now threatens to expose her dark secret.

Last month, after partial nudity photos of the world's diva Mariah Carey created immense buzz on social media, the singer is now facing threat from her ex-manager.

Her warning came after Lianna Shakhnazaryan brought legal charges against Mariah Carey's ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov for sexual assault.

Stella Bulochnikov and Mariah Carey embroiled in a feud after she left the position as Mariah's manager.

In return, Stella filed a countersuit citing Mariah should be accountable for her current issue with Liana. She then added that she may bring to light Mariah Carey's shameful secret to explain her point why the Touch My Body singer should be responsible for the matter.

Mariah Carey and manager Stella Bulochnikov engaged in an ugly spat in 2017 when Stella left the position as Mariah's manager. Soon after, she hauled Mariah into court with sexual harassment allegations. Both of them later settled the problem personally and reached a mutual agreement.

As for Stella's recent case with Liana, she claimed that Liana has been trying to trouble her during work and her action were "far more aggressive and inappropriate compared to Stella's benign conduct."

Mariah Sexy 2


However, Stella insisted that the problem eventually comes from the top.

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As in the court document, it claimed that Stella will follow the necessary procedure and respect the law by refraining from providing details.

Mariah Carey made back to headlines last month when her photos with daring pose flooded in the media. The photos were taken to send to her alleged young lover Tanaka during her vacation with her ex-fiance James Parker.


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