Sean Bean Once Again Destined To Be Killed In Hitman 2

Author |Oct 18, 2018

Not only being famous for a typical Northern British accent, Sean Bean is also well-known for his rugged appearance which is suitable for impressive roles.

Not only being famous for a typical Northern British accent, but Sean Bean is also well-known for his rugged appearance. However, the most impressive part is the ways his characters die in films.

To Sean, there is an endless ways to die from being blown up, beheaded, shot, stabbed, chased off a cliff or even tossed off a satellite dish quartered. Although Sean's characters are brief, all of them are memorable ones. After dying act in The Lord Of The Rings, the Bond movies and Game of Thrones, his character in the latest film Hitman 2 will be in the same destiny.

Lately, IO interactive, a video game developer from Denmark, revealed the 1st Elusive Target plan of Hitman 2. It features Sean Bean as the character he played in Hitman 2. In the movie, the actor takes the role of a rogue used-to-be-MI5 agent cheekily called “The Undying”. He is notorious for being extremely talented at pretending death in multiple situations. It becomes more appealing to players when they can kill him in the game. 

Sean Bean in Hitman 2. Image via YouTube

An On-stage Magician

The latest released trailer of the movie displayed the scene on which “The Undying” boasted himself. In the short video, the actor called his death-faking ability sort of an “unexpected talent”. Having fake death for innumerable times, he was completely confident and considered himself as an “on-stage magician”. In facts, we have to agree that Bean has a knack for “playing dead” as he knows every trick just like the back of his hand.

Not only his fans but Bean himself was very thrilled to be included in the forthcoming video game of Hitman 2. He looks so excited about the brand-new role and couldn’t wait to see his character being on screen. 

The movie will be released at the early Elusive Target on 20 November, seven days after Hitman 2’s premiere. Make sure you don’t miss “The Undying” in action.

Sean Bean Wil Return To Game Of Throne

While waiting for the release of Hitman 2, Sean's fan will be excited to hear that he will soon unite to the Game Of Thrones cast in a TV special. Thanks to Conan O'brien's show, we are going to see him back as Ned Stark. Game Of Thrones is now going to the end of season 8 and the show is to mark the milestone.


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