Said Taghmaoui says he’s been cast as James Bond villain

Author |Sep 12, 2018

Actor Said Taghmaoui has claimed that he was cast to play the villain in next James Bond movie by director Danny Boyle.

Actor Said Taghmaoui has featured in many films like Vantage Point, Wonder Woman, and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In a recent interview with The National, an Abu Dhabi-based newspaper, the 45-year-old actor said that: there's unpredictability behind his casting after the departure of Boyle from this project.

Recently, Boyle just gave up directing the film beacause of "creative dissimilarities" with the producers. About that, Taghmaoui confessed: "I'm intended to play the next James Bond, potraying the bad guy in leading role. It was Danny Boyle that casted me. And at this time he quit the project, therefore as expected there's some unpredictability ...".

Said Taghmaoui said that, the producers contacted him recently. They declared him that they still didn't decide on nationality of the antagonist.

Taghmaoui said: "We still don't know who'll be the director. The producers also hasn't decide if they'll go to Middle East or Russian with the scoundrel right now". He also added: "I actually just got a message claiming that: 'Once they go to Middle East, it's you. Once they go to Russian, it's just someone else.’ That's the story of my own life. Forever on that line within something which could switch my life and something which disappears".

Said Taghmaoui Wonder Woman Sameer

After Boyle's leaving, the unnamed movie might be miss its pulish date of 2019 November 8th in the America. Untill now, the producers haven't announce a substitute for Boyle.


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