Once Upon A Deadpool Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Takes Fred Savage Hostage

Nagini Shree |Nov 20, 2018

Once Upon a Deadpool brings Deadpool back to the small screen as a fun bedtime-story version of Deadpool 2, but he needs to kidnap Fred Savage.

Deadpool kidnapped The Princess Bridge star Fred Savage and tells him his adventure from Deadpool 2. Ryan Reynolds has revealed the trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool, which is slated to be out in this Christmas on December 12.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Once Upon a Deadpool trailer teases a fun bedtime-story version of Deadpool 2

The trailer stars The Wonder Years star Fred Savage back in his childhood bedroom from the 1987’s The Princess Bride, which portrayed Fred as a child, was eager to hear a fairytale.

That film has been out for 31 years and now Deadpool has made a decision to tie Savage in bed and gave him the gore-free, nudity-free and curse-free version of Deadpool 2.

In the first trailer for Deadpool 2’s PG-13 cut, Deadpool confused the actor who doesn’t know why he appears in the four-wall room with the red-suited superhero that he is in “PG-13 version of Deadpool”.

Savage declares he is a grown man. Deadpool continued to confirm that no one does childlike innocence like Fred, and he added that both of them all need each other. Savage surprisingly notes, "I don’t need you”.

Savage says that he prefers to Marvel movies but Deadpool counters that they both are indeed Marvel.

Reynolds shared that ‘Once upon the Deadpool’ the PG-13 of Deadpool 2, has been long requested. The 42-year-old actor told Deadline that Fox had been asking for a PG-13 since the start in 2006. It was not until at this point that he agreed accompanied by 2 conditions: one proportion of takings must be spent on charity and kidnapping Fred Savage.

Savage humorously added while his participation voluntary but he would be satisfied to learn that it can benefit Fudge Cancer.

It seems that both Reynolds got his two conditions when 20th Century Fox confirmed to donate $1 per every ticket sold for Once Upon a Deadpool to “Fudge Cancer,” (known as F**k Cancer charity organization).

Once Upon A Deadpool will hit cinemas on 11th December.


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