"The House Of Gauntlet": Maxence Danet-Fauvel, The New Alluring French Voldemort Is Taking Over The Internet

Harshini |Sep 28, 2019

The old Voldemort can't come to the phone right now! Check out Maxence Danet Fauvel, the gorgeous Frech beau who plays the young version of You-Know-Who.

Recently, the movie The House of Gaunt inspired by the famous work Harry Potter is getting a lot of attention from the public. On September 24, the trailer of The House of Gaunt has been released, revealing some sneak peeks of the film.

Through this trailer, the audience was astonished at the beauty of the Voldemort character played by Maxence Danet-Fauvel.

Maxence Danet Fauvel Vol
Maxence Danet Fauvel as the young Voldemort.

Maxence Danet Fauvel1

Despite a fierce and obsessive appearance in the original, this version of Voldemort makes ladies totally fluttered because of his extreme. As soon as the trailer was released, netizens rushed to find information about the brand new and hot Voldemort. The actor is expected to become a new beau in the hearts of Hollywood moviegoers.

Maxence Danet-Fauvel was born on June 27, 1993 in France. He started his modelling career in 2014. Before working as an actor, he was known as a model that possesses versatile styles.

Maxence Danet Fauvel10

Maxence Danet Fauvel3

Maxence Danet Fauvel2

Fauvel used to be a model for many big fashion brands. It was not until 2019 that his career gained a clear impression with the series Skam France. Thanks to the role of Eliott, Fauvel's popularity has skyrocketed.

Fauvel has a masculine angular face, emotional eyes and a high nose like a god. The lips are also a special beauty of this French model. He has captured the hearts of viewers with deep eyes that have the ability to fully portray acting difficult scenes, requiring lots of emotional stages.

Maxence Danet Fauvel

Maxence Danet Fauvel4

Maxence Danet Fauvel11 Maxence Danet Fauvel6

Not only has a beautiful face, but Fauvel also has a super flexed and appealing physique. His lean abs and strong muscles are major advantages for him in the shoots that require flaunting body.

Maxence Danet Fauvel12

Maxence Danet Fauvel5

Maxence Danet Fauvel13

The House of Gaunt is a film that explores other aspects of the dark wizard Voldemort. Many fans predict that Fauvel will reprise this lord role when he was young. The character was described in the original novel as a tall, handsome young man with black hair. Different from this image, Voldemort after regaining his body has a scary appearance.

Say goodbye to this frightening Voldemort...

... and wait for an entirely different image of the Lord in the new film.

Fans are extremely looking forward to this movie project. After the handsome Voldemort image of Fauvel was revealed, the film received a lot of attention from the buzz as well as increased the public’s curiosity for the film.


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