Oscars 2019: "Black Panther" Made History, Become Marvel First Oscar Winner

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 25, 2019

It’s a day to remember for Marvel Cinematic Universe when Black Panther made history.

At the Academy Awards this year, Black Panther become the first superhero film in the history to be nominated for the Best Picture. The Marvel blockbuster directed by Ryan Coogler stands for original song, sound mixing, original score, sound editing, production design, and costume design nominations.

Although early prediction didn’t consider Black Panther as a potential and robust contender, the blockbuster was bound to make history for Marvel - and that’s what Black Panther just had done.


Ryan Coogler’s film was called out for the Best Costume Design in a Motion Picture by Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry. Behind the success of Black Panther at Oscars, this year was designer Ruth Carter, she is also the first black woman ever who took the prestigious prize in the Costume Design category.


Finally, Carter added, “Adding vibrainaum to costumes is very expensive!”


Beside the Costume Design prize, the blockbuster also won brought home Best Production Design trophy in a Motion Picture. Production Designer Hannah Beachler and Set Decorator Jay Hart received the award. Honourably, Hannah Beachler is also the first black women to win the Production Design prize.

Talking about the epic win, Beachler expressed her gratitude toward the film director and also Marvel.



Though receiving good reviews from the critics and ruling the box office in reality, Marvel’s film has never received a nod from the Academy Award critic at the end. However, The Guardian of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Doctor Stranger were nominated for Best Visual Effects. Earlier, The Dark Night defeated Iron Man to win Sound Editing.

Along with the Golden Statue, Black Panther collected USD 1.3 billion worldwide which made it become one of the most successful movies in Marvel’s history. Joining the cast is Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright and Forrest Whitaker. The blockbuster received positive feedback from both critics and the audiences for portraying African vividly.


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