Orlando Bloom Opens Up About His Bumbling Naughty Sex Footage With Cara Delevingne

Nalini Suri |Aug 29, 2019

In the new TV series “Carnival Row”, Orlando Bloom was seen having played the sex scene with Cara Delevingne in an awkward way. Read on how he explained it!

Orlando Bloom has paired up with actress Cara Delevingne in the new series which is neo-noir named Carnival Row. In the fantasy show, the couple has to play the violent and racy sex scenes that recently, Orlando has revealed about it at the show’s premiere and screening in London.

Orlando Bloom at Carnival Vow premiere

The Lord of the Rings star said to MailOnline that:


Orlando Bloom in a sex scene with Cara

Sharing about his role as Rycroft Philostrate in particular and the show in general, the 42-year-old actor continued:


Orlando Bloom and Cara

Orlando went on explaining the details more:


Orlando Bloom and Cara

Meanwhile, his co-star Cara Delevingne added:


orlando bloom and cara in carnival row

The fresh Amazon series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara takes the background of a Victorian exciting world abided by human beings and enigmatic immigrant faeries. Carnival Row is set to launch on August 30th with renewed streaming service for the second season prior to season one debuted.


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