Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry’s Proposal Story: Like A Scene From The Bachelor

Advika Hue |Feb 28, 2019

Katy Perry shared some stories about Orlando Bloom’s proposal to her on Jimmy Kimmel Live, to which Kimmel commented to be “very bachelor”.

The proposal story of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry doesn’t come with a beautiful diamond ring in flower shape only; it has so much more. Lately, Katy Perry appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed that Orlando proposed to her when the couple was on a helicopter. This sounds like a common scene we often got to see on The Bachelor show, and it seems like Orlando has spent weeks watching the show.

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Katy shared with the audience that the proposal was on Valentine’s Day when she and Orlando were going to dinner. Katy thought they would go to some art show after that, but they ended up going for a helicopter ride, to which Kimmel commented that this move was so Bachelor. Katy agreed and said,

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Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Attend Gala For The G

However, the romantic proposal moment didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

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When she was reading the meaningful note, Orlando was struggling to take the ring box out but somehow ripped his coat. Fortunately, everything went well, and the helicopter finally landed on the rooftop of a building in LA where the friends and families of the couple were waiting in anticipation.

Katy called Orlando and herself the “adventure buddies” and complimented, “He did so well.”

The gorgeous diamond ring Orlando used when proposing to Katy is made in flower shape, with the ruby pistil and diamond petals. Katy later shared the good news with a picture of the engagement ring on Instagram with the caption saying "full bloom." Orlando also posts the same photo with the simple caption “Lifetime”.

The two have been in a relationship since 2016 after they met each other at the Golden Globes party. Katy also shared to Kimmel that it was the In-n-Out burgers that bonded their love together.


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