New theory Suggests Doctor Strange Never Died In Avengers Infinity War

Author |Nov 19, 2018

A new Avengers 4 theory says that Doctor Strange never died in Thanos' finger-snap in Avengers: Infinity War and will appear in the sequel.

The end of Avenger: Infinite War came as a big surprise to anyone as it saw Thanos – the best villain win and the superheroes defeat. Thanos successfully collected all six of the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers and caused half the universe to die including many big heroes. The world mourned for them, but it seems that there is less than one soul to mourn for.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho New theory says Doctor Strange never died in Avengers Infinity War

Recently, a new Avenger 4 theory posted on Reddit said that Doctor Strange might not have been wiped by Thanos’ finger-snap. The theory suggests that at least Doctor Strange still be alive and will appear in the sequel.

The explanation here is simple: Doctor Strange could foresee only one out of 14 million outcomes in which the Avengers defeat the Mad Titan. Go back to the conservation between Strange and Ancient One in astral form, she knew that even though she wasted a lot of time to peer through time, she was dying and couldn’t see any part of her future beyond that point. Strange then asked “you think this is where you die”, this could lead theorist believed that “it’s impossible to see a future past death”. Consequently, there were just only possibilities that Doctor Strange saw the 14 million futures: one is he was still alive in the snap and the other is the due Russo directors dropped this key detail.

Therefore, Strange couldn’t have viewed the futures if he was dead. In addition, there is no possibility that the Russo brothers missed such an important detail. We also have obvious evidence that many superheroes including Star-Lord, Black Panther, Spider-Man and others didn’t truly die but just transported to the Soul Real.

So did Doctor Strange. Although he couldn’t have died but turned to dust, this supported an idea that souls were being sucked into the Soul Stone or maybe quantum realm. This explains why he can still see the futures past his “death” because his soul is alive.

The theory also reinforces the idea that the “dead” superheroes will be brought back to life.


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