Avengers 4 High-Res Art Has a Better Look at Hulk's New Costume

tuyettta |Sep 13, 2018

New high-res promo art for Avengers 4 shows tight new suit for Hulk, clean shaven Captain America.

After the big success of Avengers: Infinity War movie, the audiences have to wait for long periods of time. They can meet their beloved superheroes once again in upcoming movie Avengers 4. But in just several months, the fan community was poured over with coarse but quite conceivable promo creativity from the next movie.

Around 2 more months following, the same advertising creativity is going circulating quickly again on SNS. Except this era, all pictures are luminous as day with high resolution. So take out your intensify glasses and just go to work!

The advertising creativity shows Hulk in all the green dignity. Hulk declined to bring up the superheroes in Avengers: Infinty War. And this time, he's in a a body-hugging costume instead of a shredded old jeans. We believe it becomes smaller and extends just like Hulk does.

Captain America is now neat shaven and return to his old costume from the early Avengers film. He gave men beard goals in the last movie. The visual furthers builds up our conclusion that the superheroes will return to the Battle of New York in advance to overwhelm Thanos and bring the lost heroes back .

The new creativity also shows Captain Marvel of Brie Larson, as well make her beginning in the Marvel Universe. We can witness her intense fists brighten in theadvertising creativity. She'll make her beginning in earlier 2019 with the Captian Marvel. Recently, they also disclose her first characteristic from the movie.

More images display Thor in the similar short hair, black suit and the Infinity War's Storm Breaker. Rocket looks very angry in his suit, possibly to pay back for Groot.

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Avengers 4 will release in May 2019. Once again, Russo Brothers will direct the superhero film.


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