Model Barbara Palvin Slammed Justin Bieber's Comparing Himself With The Sprouse Twins

Harshini |Sep 10, 2019

Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin had an epic response to Justin Bieber's feeling like a long lost brother of Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Baby Justin Bieber sure is a munchkin to every fan. However, it seems that his rumoured flame Barbara Palvin does not feel the same way, as she indicated that the singer is a far cry from similar to her now beaut Dylan Sprouse.


For those who feel it is out of context, we shall rewind a bit right now. If you follow Justin Bieber’s Instagram or sometimes come across a little, you would have seen his current post which features the Sprouse siblings. He made a collage of the two’s childhood pictures and his himself.

After a post saying he realized to be related with singer Avril Lavigne and actor Ryan Gosling, now he confessed to feeling like the long lost brother of the famous Sprouses.

His caption reads,

Screenshot 49

Fans left their comments showing their agreement with lots of YES. Meanwhile, Barbara Palvin thinks that the Sprouse siblings are one of a kind. Atteding Harper's Bazaar Icons party held in NYC, the model shared her thoughts about the recent post of Justin while interacting with Entertainment Tonight.

Speaking of Dylan, Cole and Justin’s resemblance, she said,

Screenshot 50

It is obvious that to Dylan’s girlfriend, the twins are unique and she has no hesitation showing her opinion to the world. Probably, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse's girlfriend, would be siding Barbara on this. Very sorry, JB!

Dylan Barbara 1

Barbara And Sprouse

For those who don’t know, Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse started to be a thing back in 2018 summer. The lovebirds opened up that after meeting at a party, Dylan messaged Barbara on Instagram and it took a while for the two to be official lovers.

Their relationship has become stronger and stronger over time. The two moved in together this year. Sharing a photo of her and her beau’s moving day, Barbara took to Instagram,

Screenshot 48

They had their very first-anniversary celebration previously this summer.


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