Avengers: Look Back On These Five Best Priceless Moments Of "Black Widow"

Laavanya Hien |Jun 07, 2019

One of the characters that made us so emotional is Black Widow. Now, it’s time to look back on the five best priceless moments of Black Widow.

Viewers have witnessed an over-10-year journey with Avengers and this period of time is enough for each member of Avengers to create a close bond between them. There is no denying that with Endgame, we had to leave some characters that have existed for long behind to welcome new heroes.

Black Widow
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However, it seems that we won’t find it easy to cheer to new beginnings. Hence, to keep the memories, we are reflecting on MCU’s previous movies to point out not-to-be-missed moments of our favorite character. And, one of the characters that made us so emotional is Black Widow. Now, it’s time to look back on the five best priceless moments of Black Widow.

Hallway fight in Iron Man 2

Despite not drawing as much attention as other MCU films, Iron Man 2 still has its own attractiveness and iconic moments too. In Iron Man 2, Natasha is undercover as the personal assistant of Tony Stark, Natalie Rushman. However, Natasha’s true identity is later revealed by Nick Fury. And, we are actually interested in the capabilities of Black Widow when she penetrates Hammer Industries.

Especially, her hallway fight scene impresses us the most and here, she knocks down a hallway full of security officers; whereas, Happy Hogan makes a great effort in staying afoot. This is to say, the talent of Black Widow in comparison with the ineptitude of Happy Hogan proved a fact that Natasha was a distinctive type of superhero.

Auntie Nat in Avengers: Age of Ultron

For a number of fans, this scene is possibly not their favorite. But, when it comes to saying about the character of Natasha, it’s of great importance. With Avengers: Age of Ultron, we all know that Clint Barton has a family - they all live on an isolated and remote farm. And almost all of his friends in Avengers don’t know about the existence of his secret family, but only Natasha does.

Moreover, she maintains an intimate relationship with every member of Clint’s family and she is even called "Aunt Nat" by his children. Audiences are really moved by the moment which shows her warm-hearted interaction with Clint’s kids.

Chair fight in The Avengers

Audiences are mostly impressed by this chair fight, which made it one of the MCU’s most important moment. With The Avengers, most of us can’t forget the first scene between Natasha and Bruce Banner in which she pulls a baddies’ team down in Calcutta with a view to persuading the scientist to work for the Avengers.

Why is it one of the MCU’ greatest scene? The reason lies in how it makes use if the chair props perfectly and how it clearly reveals the talents of Black Widow such as her proficiency, her humor, her sensuality, and her smarts.

A quiet scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Who do you want me to be?”. Well, to be honest, it is only a very small detail, but it helped to brighten up the whole film. In such comic book movies which are full of exciting events like this, developing characters is never a priority and in fact, it also doesn’t require to be prioritized.

However, it’s wonderful if the filmmakers spend a moment describing those characters. And, the quiet scene illustrated by Natasha and Steve is a must-see one in which it expresses their humanity through the icon of heroes. Moreover, their great friendship is clearly portrayed via this scene.

At first, Natasha laughs at how bad Steve’s kissing skills are. He then prods at how she has created the protective identity shell for herself.

Tricking Loki in The Avengers

In Avengers, Natasha is perhaps the Avengers’ most forceful non-superhuman. Despite not being superhuman, she still has her own unique personality traits such as adaptability and intelligence. There is one moment in the MCU that portrays her strengths perfectly.

It’s when Natasha was tricking a trickster to have essential information which could bring triumph for her side. Therefore, in every iteration, Natasha makes us love her so much, but subverting and weaponizing gender expectations are still the most remarkable things to make her an exceptional person.

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