Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper love story 'A Star is Born' will release in India

KhoaTD |Sep 21, 2018

Although popular with pop music, Lady Gaga still confidently voices with lyrical country music in "A Star Is Born" with Bradley Cooper...

A Star is Born

A Star Is Born is the first project that actor Bradley Cooper takes part in as a director. He also starred in the sweet country song, the match is the famous singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Love Story A Star Is BornSweet lips between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

The film is a remake of the original 1937 movie starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. The second film released in 1954, starring Judy Garland and James Mason. There was also 1976 edition of Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

The film's story is about Jackson Maine (Bradley Copper) a talented country music artist, but with the fame is gradually fading. Jackson, after drunk driving, accidentally drove to a bar and met with Ally at that bar (Lady Gaga). Jackson found out that Ally has a rich voice, but timid in front of the crowd. Therefore, he helped Ally advance her career as a professional singer. However, when Ally becomes more and more famous, Jackson is becoming "hidden" behind his girlfriend's name. That's when the rift starts.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Love Story A Star Is BornTwo stars like a heartbeat on stage.

The movie trailer shows us the romantic moments between two characters as they become closer. Bradley Cooper shows his ability to sing well, though not as dramatic as Lady Gaga's. This is probably the perfect role for the singer, allowing her to step footprints of previous stars as Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.

Good acting and good results

The chemical reaction of Bradley and Ally is very good. They bring the feeling like the real couple. It shows all the obvious signs of passionate but unstable passion. The film crew remembered of Terrence Malick 's unsuccessful attempt to capture the climax of the love affair between the songwriters in Song of Song last year. As well as the Cold War by Cold Pawel Pawlikowski (released later this year).

In addition to acting, Lady Gaga also contributed to the writing of several songs in the film. Bradley Cooper is also involved in this process along with famous music producer Mark Ronson, who helped make stars such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Bruno Mars obtain platinum.

The international press also gave A Star Is Born a lot of praise. The Guardian put an absolute score 5/5 point and called this movie "very easy to view and pleasant" with "a fantastic Lady Gaga in acting, both at Jackson's new girlfriend and at time she became a star. "

Release in India

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Love Story A Star Is Born "A Star is Born"  with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will release in India on October 12th by Warner Bros Pictures.   Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Love Story A Star Is Born The film also features Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott.


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