Kristen Steward First Opens Up About Shocking Cheating Scandal With Rupert Sanders In Most Candid Interview

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 06, 2019

Kristen Stewart broke her silence for the first time on being slut-shammed and her high-profiled love affair with director Rupert Sanders. Read details!

7 years ago, the Snow White And The Huntsman beauty, Kristen Stewart outright cooked up a storm on media after she was photographed kissing married director Rupert Sanders in a secluded stop-offs around Los Angeles. Not only drive a stake through Robert Pattinson's heart, the actress also disappointed loyal fans of Twilight series.

In the most candid interview ever, the open LGBT+ actress first time opened up about her intimate betrayal with the director that caught by paparazzi, admitting it "wasn't innocent".

1  "I wouldn't say I fell in love with the director, it was kind of a weird thing ... but I definitely think that it wasn't that big of a deal, and the work is so much more important," Kristen Stewart said.

At that time, the Twilight actress also faced the wave of boycott from fans as she betrayed her 4 years lover, Robert Pattinson to went on a much publicized love affaird with Rupert Sanders despite he was married to supermodel Liberty Ross and sharing two beautiful kids. Reportedly, the pair's flame started off on the set of the Snow White and The Huntsman in which the actress played the lead role.


After her shocking cheating scandal was unveiled, Kristen Stewart was removed from the film. However, when being asked if they took their relationship to a next level, not only dating, the actress gave the most candid answer saying she never slept with him.

"It looked like, you make out with a dude in public it looks like you did have sex. Well, who's going to believe me?"


However, the young actress also admitted she had made a mistake because she was really young and not mature enough for her decision. "It wasn't innocent, that was a really hard period of my life," Kristen confided.

Talking about her long time boyfriend who left heart-broken after the scandal, the 29-year-old actress said though they had been in a four years relationship, she was always an attention-seeker and a self-conscious person. Nevertheless, she still called him the best boyfriend she ever had.


Kristen Stewart currently is dating female screenwriter Dylan Meyer after much-hyped same sex relationship with Victoria Secret's angel Stella Maxwell.



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