"Game Of Thrones" Superstar Kit Harington To Recover In Rehab Because Of His Stress And Alcohol Use

Nalini Suri |May 30, 2019

Kit Harington who has made £8 million from the biggest series ever made now has gone to rehab to recover his issues of stress and alcohol.

One year ago in early 2018, Kit Harington was meeting some difficulties in a sports bar. He appeared on video footage in a drunk status when he tried to participate in a pool game but failed. Eventually, the staff there had to help him to walk to the door.

Kit Harington
Kit Harington at the pool game

The bar owner said that the £8-million star was over drunk from another bar with great euphemism, then bought himself a whiskey to drink with everybody there, tipped generously and was very nice.

He continued:


Kit Harington

The Russian model Olya Sergeevna posted some pictures showing Kit Harington apparently asleep. She declared that she got bored with the affair because Harington was added.

Kit Harington

The party passed over now. At present, 32-year-old Harington pays £95,000 per month to receive a wellness retreat in rehab in Connecticut. It was no coincidence that the time of his incident in the bar was a pair of months before filming Season Eight of Game of Thrones, TV series that has been his life and made his name.

After completing his last scene, Kit Harington was distracted:


kit harington

"Jon Snow" by Kit Harington in "Game of Thrones"The last episode of Game of Thrones Season Eight was on May 2019, nevertheless, it was said that Kit Harington went to a drastically private rehab not far away from a small town in Madison one month ago right after his promotional appearances.

kit harington
Kit Harington was reported to go to a private rehab

His spokesman said:


kit harington

During Kit Harington’s treatment, he will be put on the controversy about his mental health as well as Game of Thrones final series, which raises a big question that what will come next to him.


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