Can't Sit, Can't Eat, Kim Kardashian Goes Extra Miles To Fit In Tight Dresses

Salena Harshini |Mar 23, 2020

Let's trace down more than 3 times Kim Kardashian went extra miles to squeeze in her breathtaking (literally) latex outfits, even though she can't eat or sit or even wee.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian grabbed eyeballs when flaunting skin-tight latex outfits at Paris Fashion Week back in February. But it was only in the recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode that behind the scenes video of them squeezing in those outfits was revealed.

Kim Kourtney
Kim and Kourtney in their viral latex ensembles

Well, putting on the head-to-toe Balmain looks seemed more challenging compared to any fan’s expectation. The drama queen can be seen struggling to get into the tan outfit which needs the help of at least two more people to slip in.

Tugging on a sleeve, Kim says, “Sh*t, it's stuck to my skin."

Kim Kardashian sacrificed comfort to squeeze in this tiny outfit

Meanwhile, Kourtney revealed it was very difficult to go to the restroom in this ensemble.

After complete the look, Kim Kardashian exclaimed:

"I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder."

This is not the first time Kardashian spilled the beans about her challenging process of donning an event attire. Check out the other times Kim struggled to get in the most tight-fitting dresses ever.

1. KUWTK filming

Out shooting for an episode of the cult show in NYC, Kim wore a “Fatal” tube dress of Wolford which was so tight that her strapless bra’s outline was extremely visible.

Her bra line was visible to eyes

The outfit also unmasked the leg bands and waist of her shapewear. This is not something Kim Kardashian wants to flash from underneath the body-hugging outfits she likes until the moment.

That dress must have made her feel more exposed than other times as the camera caught her keep checking and adjusting the ensemble around her waist.

Was the way Kim Kardashian look in the outfit worth the discomfort she had to bear?

2. Met Gala

At Met Gala 2019, Kanye West’s wife needed the 3 assistants to support her wear the corset.

Thierry Mugler's nude design made Kim Kardashian's waist decrease to only about 40 cm. Sharing about this miserable experience, she said she could walk around and talk but could hardly sit, eat or even pee in four hours.

She can hardly sit in this outfit
But guess it was worth it

Although the crystal-dropping tiny-waisted avatar was a success, Kim Kardashian had to throw comfort under the bus. She also shared that she had never felt such pain in her life.

Kim admitted it was extremely constricting and physically left “indentations” on her stomach and back.


The Ameican stars added that having the chance to attend Met Gala is a big honor. That is why she has to thoroughly prepare everything every year with no pity to invest huge amount for the most unique outfit.

3. Oscars

At another event earlier this year, the history repeats itself as Kim Kardashian showed up in a tight dress this time alongside billionaire sister Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kylie
Another outfit in which she can't even breathe

During the festivities, Kim shared on Instagram some BTS intel on how she could get from this to that place the previous night.

At some point, the scandalous star shared a footage telling that the vintage Alexander McQueen gown she received as a Christmas present from her husband was tiny that she could not sit upright. That explains why Kim Kardashian had to lie down in the car on the way to the party.

Take a look at even more occasions Kim Kardashian can be seen in similar "breathtaking" outfits:



KIm Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in latex clothes

After all, the inability and discomfort to sit down properly or hit the WC did pay her off as the skin-tight dresses that she tried so hard to squeeze in every time were among the most talked-about things at those events.

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