Kim Kardashian Details Gunpoint Robbery That Changed Her Life Entirely

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 14, 2019

"I thought I would die", Kim Kardashian recalled the terrible experience in Paris that changed her life forever. Read details!

A few years ago, the horrible gunpoint robbery in which Hollywood superstar Kim Kardashian was tied and robbed of $11 million hit fans like a ton of brick.

Three years since the terrible accident took place, Kim Kardashian recalled the "10 minutes" most awful moment that changed her life forever in E! True Hollywood Story. And here is the full story.


Remembering the unforgettable night, Kim recounted she was about to go out for a high-profile dinner sister Kourtney, and they did enjoy the night as much as possible. Two hours later, she returned to her hotel alone for a good rest.


However, two armed men burst in, tied her up and robbed 11 million in jewels before escaping.

Screenshot 148

Kim Sexy

Kim continued:

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Kim Kardashian Sex

Fortunately, the gang left with the jewel only, and they didn't cause any physical harm to the beauty mogul. Talking about the scariest moment of her life, Kim said:

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When Kim managed to free herself from her restraints, she called the police, her sister and husband Kanye West. The rapper then confided that he even didn't dare to think about what might happen to his family.

Kim Kayne

Nevertheless, on the bright sight of the awful accident, the 38-year-old star confided she has a life-lesson for herself.

Kim Kardashian raised to fame in 2007 after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J was leaked. With nine reality TV show, billion-dollar fashion brand, the Kardashian have built their empire in Hollywood.


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