Kendall Jenner Reveals Shocking Feelings About Kardashian Family: My Sisters Are A Lot Curvier Than Me

Nagini Shree |Apr 20, 2019

American reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner recently revealed that she was not as "sexy" as her sisters when she was growing up because of her slender frame.

American reality TV star and famous model Kendall Jenner has got candid about her feelings in the Kardashian family. Kendall Jenner, who is a supermodel now, said in an interview that she felt like she didn't fit in with her sisters growing up because their bodies were so drastically different than hers.

Kendall Jenner Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Att

Kendall said.

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However, Kendall shared that she prefers keeping her style bold and adventurous, and said she likes to keep her wardrobe looks fun and funky. She admitted:

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Interestingly, Kendall is quite different from her sisters in other ways too, as she likes to keep her private life under wraps. Kendall tends to keep herself to herself a little more than the rest of the KUWTK gang, and her relationship with basketball player Ben Simmons.


The Kardashian Family has been a reality TV powerhouse for several years, and they aren't showing any signs of slowing down.  The most successful of the sisters seem to be Kylie Jenner who has surpassed more wealth than any of her sisters. But there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between the siblings.


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