Sad News For Julia Roberts' Fan, She Thinks That "Pretty Woman" Remake Isn’t A Good Idea!

Priyansh Ha |Mar 18, 2019

She also revealed that she almost let go the role in Notting Hill.

Being one of the most famous rom-com classics doesn’t mean Pretty Woman can hit the success again with a remake. There are so many things in the storyline which doesn’t fit anymore. Even Julia Roberts, the female lead of the movie has the same opinion.


Releasing in 1990, Pretty Woman tells the story of a modern Cinderella (Roberts), who actually a prostitute. She meets, falls in love with a wealthy businessman (Richard Gere). He saved her from the shallow and gave her a happy ending as in every tales.

This movie was harshly criticised for the un-feminist storyline. In facts, eight actresses rejected the role including Daryl Hannah. The actress said that the fairytale-coated story was nothing more than just a prostitute who then becomes a lady thanks to a rich man. It was a degrading of gender equality.

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She Almost Turned Down The Role In Notting Hill

As Julia Roberts is the only one who accepted the role, it was a life-changing opportunity for her. Thanks to the success at box office, she has got many offers for big movies including the leading role in Notting Hill which she almost turned it down.

Talking to The Guardian, she explained the reason why she wanted to cast aside a big movie like that. According to the actress, it was the pitch that is terrible, and the film wasn’t as good as the novel.

Things have changed since she met the film-makers and thought "it’s this great little jewel of a movie."


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