5 Female Stars Who Flaunt Their Armpit Hair Like No One Else: Malaika Arora, Miley Cyrus, Gigi Hadid And Others

Priyansh Ha |Jul 19, 2019

Apart from Malaika Arora, our favorite ladies from Madonna, Julia Roberts to Miley Cyrus also embrace their body hair, particularly armpit area, emphasizing the importance of cherishing our bodies in a unique way.

A month ago, Malaika Arora broke the Internet by posting a picture which clearly shows her armpit hair. Right after the post, netizen started flocking to her account to make fun of her armpit hair and commented that she should get it waxed. Hey, listen! Women are humans and they have body hair too, get used to it.

While most of the people couldn’t get the idea that it's normal for women to have armpit hair, a few stood up for Malaika Arora, saying that she wouldn’t have faced this scrutiny if she were a man.

Malaika Arora flaunts her armpit hair like a boss. (Source: Instagram)

In facts, the actress has broken the net but this is not the first time a female star has gone public on her body hair to spread the message about body positivity. With people on the internet, no matter how inspiring the message is, they will still make fun of armpit hair on women’s body.

With these 5 female celebrities, ideology is nothing when it comes to self-embracing sovereignty. Going completely open about body hair, these ladies have broken the stereotype of beauty.

Gigi Hadid

Without surprise, the picture of our favorite Instagram girl - Gigi Hadid, shooting for a magazine immediately went viral just because of her armpit hair. Comments that tell her to shave it are all over the net. Later on, they confirmed that there was no armpit hair owning to her other pictures in that shoot.

However, the instant response was the evidence of the fact that people consider it abnormal to see a woman with armpit hair on a magazine.


Source: Instagram

Our queen didn't hesitate to flaunt her armpit hair to the world by uploading a picture on her social account with the caption "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!".

Miley Cyrus

Source: Twitter

When it comes to armpit hair, Miley is one of a few who have gone all the way publicizing it on social networks. Our girl can’t stop and she won’t stop. Everything she does from being on stage or taking a sunbathing, she confidently makes her body hair visible.

Julia Roberts

Source: Twitter

Back to nine years ago, our pretty woman - Julia Roberts made the red carpet go wild when she appeared in a stunning shimmery red gown and flaunted her armpit area like no one ever!

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