“Joker” Sticks Todd Phillips And Joaquin Phoenix On Controversy Of Spreading Violence

Nalini Suri |Oct 04, 2019

Director Todd Phillips and lead actor Joaquin Phoenix have headed the controversy in a post-screening Q&A refusing that the violence through “Joker” is irresponsible.

The most-expected Hollywood movie of October Joker has gone on air and collected many good reviews but equally brought to Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix a big controversy. As the movie belongs to a thriller-action film category, it covers several violent scenes that haunt most of the viewers.

todd phillips joaquin phoenix
Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix at the New York Film Festival

Since then, Joker raised an argument about its violent nature and the representatives to take responsibility for such thing are none others than the director and the lead actor of the movie. During a post-screening Q&A at the New York Film Festival, Todd Phillips and Joaquin had to defend against the problem and directly pointed on the importance of onscreen violence.

Todd said:


The director went on focusing on his responsibility when making violence real on the screen by saying:


todd phillips at the new york film festival

It is reported that the release date of Joker today will coincide with the placement of police from Los Angeles and New York City. Although no ‘credible threats’ were given to the movie, several people have adjudged Joker’s horrific violence and the haunting images left.

Despite the ongoing cacophony, Todd Phillips strongly continued to explain the voice of Joker by itself. He said:


joker poster 2019

He further added:


joaquin phoenix in joker

Meanwhile, the lead actor of the movie Joaquin Phoenix revealed that he used to think a lot of taking up the role after he read Joker’s script. He opened up:



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