Johnny Depp denied the allegation of hitting his ex Amber Heard

Author |Oct 03, 2018

After the splitting up with his wife Amber Heard, the Pirates of Caribbean actor has faced many problems as consequences of the divorce: his loss of own money, the dramatic follow-up and the allegation of hitting Amber.

E!Online has reported that during an interview with GQ lately, Johnny has confessed what he thought about his own story. He told that he has problems with Heard, as well as his former business managers. The 55-year-old actor claimed that Amber showed up at a party one day later. Although her hair covered her eye, it seems that her eye was still open.  Johnny Depp said that it was impossible for him to hit Amber when he was 25 feet away. He was not stupid as people thought. Despite the suspiciously leaked video, Johnny Depp said that there was no mark found on Heard's body, even the police could not find it as well. The actor said the police has called an emergency medical technician to take care of Amber, however she has denied that offer. For few days later, there was a red mark which later turned into brown bruise on Amber, but the actor did not know the reason why it appeared.

During the Hellfest music Festival in Clisson, Johnny Depp has had a performance together with the Hollywood Vampires band

The 55-year-old actor admitted he has used violence over the paparazzi. However, he claimed he is not the kind of person who hurts the ones he loves.

Regarding the ‘leaked’ video, the "Willy Wonka" actor said it hurt him when being seen as someone he is way far different from. The actor confessed about the difficulties that his 14-year-old son, John Christopher Depp III, and daughter Lily-Rose Depp have to face when being at school and hearing stories that do not sounds good about their parents. As a response to the allegation, Depp said that he did not sound like someone who bullied his beloved one.

At first, Johnny Depp he stayed silent, although it could be weirder if he did so. He wants to keep moving on without arguing with others people, although it would be crazy at some points. Johnny stated he is not the one who gossips about things. He has his lawyer deal with the words from others' mouths. The actors care about what his family and his kids think. He believes that what is being done is actually the start of what people think it would be the end for him. "And worse than that, to take away future earnings that are for my kids, you know?".

What he has done is for the good of his children since they do not deserve to go through those bad things. Imagine people going to his son, pointing at the magazine and joking about the news of Depp's hitting people. It would be a bad thing for a child to hear.

To him, Amber Heard was "something" to him since he did "marry her somehow."

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